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[Cancelled] Moodle Gradebook Functions and Fundamentals (Richmond)

[Cancelled] Moodle Gradebook Functions and Fundamentals (Richmond)

KPU Richmond


Still using a spreadsheet, a pen, and paper to calculate grades? Moodle Gradebook automatically aggregates marks and feedback from assignments, activities, and manual grades from your Moodle course, making grading more efficient.  Students can view their grades through individualized reports, and the reports generated are protected, so student privacy is not compromised.  In this workshop, faculty will learn how to set up and manage a gradebook in their Moodle classes, and how to export it to an excel spreadsheet.   

This session has been cancelled.  Please check our Events Calendar for the next offering.





America/Vancouver [Cancelled] Moodle Gradebook Functions and Fundamentals (Richmond) R1370 KPU Richmond