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ISW Instructional Skills 4 Day Workshops OCTOBER 2019 (CLOVERDALE)

ISW Instructional Skills 4 Day Workshops OCTOBER 2019 (CLOVERDALE)

KPU Tech



The Instructional Skills workshop (ISW) is for faculty who are interested in developing or improving upon their teaching and learning processes. This intensive 4 day workshop (Oct 18,25, Nov 1,8) can accommodate a maximum of six participants and is facilitated by an experienced ISW Facilitator, who is also a KPU faculty. Participants review ideas about teaching, check current practices and, within a safe and supportive environment, deliver three short lessons. Find new ways to reach your learners, and receive peer feedback that will assist with your instructional development. In addition, you will also benefit from the supportive relationships that can grow between participants. We look forward to sharing this enriching workshop with you.

Overall Purposes of the course:
(1)    To work in a collegial, peer-based instructional process on methods of teaching actively, experientially, interactively, and in a participatory manner.

(2)    To foster a safe educational laboratory environment in which instructors have the opportunity to conduct individual experiments on their teaching practices.

(3)    To give instructors the opportunity to develop a strong campus-based support system so they can continue to get peer feedback on their teaching over time. This course is the equivalent of ID3220 of the BC Provincial Instructor Diploma Program and your Letter of Completion will be accepted for credit for that course in the program.


America/Vancouver ISW Instructional Skills 4 Day Workshops OCTOBER 2019 (CLOVERDALE)   CLOVERDALE Room CL1855 KPU Tech