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Setting up Group activities in Moodle (Langley)

Setting up Group activities in Moodle (Langley)

KPU Langley
KPU Langley - Room 2025


Are you looking to create collaborative group activities for your course(s)? This workshop will prepare faculty to design activities and resources that foster discussion, critical thinking, analyzing, critiquing, sharing ideas, reflection, and the development of communication skills through group activities in Moodle.  Creating forums, debates, wikis, and working groups using the group function in Moodle facilitates group work inside and outside the classroom as well as streamline faulty supervision of these activities.     

By the end of this workshop, faculty will begin to create activities that can support student achievement of the learning objectives in their respective courses. 



America/Vancouver Setting up Group activities in Moodle (Langley) KPU Langley - Room 2025 KPU Langley