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Project Work Agreement (Student)

This agreement summarizes service learning expectations, outlining roles for university instructor and student. Clear expectations about the responsibilities of all parties are essential to a successful supervision relationship and are outlined below.

Please note that the Organization may also require you to sign forms / Confidentiality Agreements.

The Role of the Project Leader at the designated Organization / Company:

  • Allow access to Organization / Company records as appropriate to assigned tasks.
  • Assist the student(s) in the development or completion of the project.
  • Provide a general exposure to the professional environment with opportunities for learning.
  • Communicate any problems to the course instructor.

The course Instructor(s) agrees to:

  • Describe the service learning activity and its relation to the course objectives in the course syllabus.
  • Provide learning activities and discussion that help connect service learning with academic learning.
  • Connect with the student and / or project leader, periodically throughout the term, to establish student activities; discuss possible goals; and to strategize final items.
  • Identify problems as early as possible, and when necessary, devise a plan for their resolution.
  • Monitor the learning experience to ensure the learning objectives are being met.
  • Be available during the term, as well as at term end, to ensure project leaders are satisfied with student performance.

The Student(s) are expected to:

  • Uphold a level of professionalism in attire, language, and attitude, including keeping cell phone off.
  • Abide by organizational policies and procedures, including confidentiality and respect for privacy of clients.
  • Ask questions whenever unsure of any and all policies, procedures, project guidelines and expectations.
  • Maintain attendance and punctuality, and take the responsibility to reschedule any missed dates.
  • Promptly notify contacts about possibly missing a meeting, being late, or being absent (i.e. illness).
  • Discuss with the Project Leader, or Faculty member, any areas of disagreement, dissatisfaction, or confusion with respect to any part of the service learning experience.
  • Provide a letter of thanks to the Project Leader / Organization / Company for their help in assisting with learning outcomes.

Car Insurance:

If a student is transporting a person in his/her vehicle and the person is hurt in an accident, Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the Community Partner do not provide coverage in this instance. Coverage would follow the regular channels through the student’s vehicle insurance.

Statement on Confidentiality:

University instructor(s) and student(s) as well as the Community Partner agree to the following:

  • maintain strict confidentiality of any information, both written and unwritten (including via social media);
  • use Organization/Organization information for course work in designated course only; and
  • refrain from decisions to disseminate, publish, present, or copyright any information without prior express written permission.

Third Party Use:

Prior to the use of the results of the project for any other purposes (i.e. presenting at conference, publishing new research study, sharing out survey or results), the named parties will seek to inform and acknowledge those involved in this Project Work Agreement.