Faculty | Department of Language and Cultures

Allan Bailey

Dr. Allan Bailey  - Japanese Culture

E-mail: arthur.bailey@kpu.ca

Areas of specialization
Japanese culture; writing; Teaching English as a Second Language; prose fiction, especially the 18th century English novel, the contemporary English novel and the modern Japanese novel
Areas of research interest
Contemporary Japanese culture; contemporary novels; history of the Roman Empire; business and culture; education and creating national and cultural identity, especially in Japan           

Olivier Clarinval

Dr. Olivier Clarinval - French/Spanish
B.A. Phil. (UC Santa Cruz), M.A. Spanish (Cal State Sacramento), Ph.D. French (University of Oregon)
E-mail: olivier.clarinval@kpu.ca

Areas of research interest
Language teaching methodology, Second language acquisition, Contemporary Francophone literature


Ranbir 1
Ranbir Johal - Punjabi
B.A. (UBC), B.Ed. (UBC), M.A. (UBC)
E-mail: ranbir.johal@kpu.ca

Areas of specialization
Punjabi Language Education for Heritage and Nonnative Speakers, Punjabi Language Education Resource Development, Punjabi Literature, Representation of Gender in Punjabi Oral Traditions
Areas of research interest
Punjabi Theatre, Technology in Language Education, Oral Traditions


Patrick Karsenti
Patrick Karsenti - French/Spanish
B.A. (Sherbrooke), M.A.French (Sherbrooke), M.Ed.Span (Leon)
E-mail: patrick.karsenti@kpu.ca

Areas of specialization
French and Quebec Language and Culture, Spanish Language


Paivi Koskinen
Dr. Paivi Koskinen - Linguistics
B.A. (Carleton), M.A. (University of Toronto), Ph.D. (University of Toronto)
E-mail: paivi.koskinen@kpu.ca

Follow me on academia.edu at https://kwantlen.academia.edu/PaiviKoskinen

Areas of specialization
Generative linguistics, morphological and syntactic theory, language acquisition, Finnish language
Areas of research interest
Morphology-syntax interface, phrase structure, non-finite constructions, agglutinating languages, the morpho-syntax of Finnish, unilingual and bilingual first language acquisition


Sumiko Nishizawa
Dr. Sumiko Nishizawa - Japanese
M.A (UBC), Ph.D. (UBC)
E-mail: sumiko.nishizawa@kpu.ca

Areas of specialization
Language Education, Translation Theories and Studies
Areas of research interest
Second language acquisition, Language socialization, Socio-cultural and socio-political aspects of language, Socio-cultural issues related to translation


Qu, Yanfeng

Dr. Yanfeng Qu - Mandarin/Linguistics
M.A. (Beijing Foreign Studies University), Ph.D. (UBC)
E-mail: yanfeng.qu@kpu.ca

Areas of specialization
Generative and Chinese linguistics, Syntactic theories, Chinese grammar and phonology
Areas of research interest
Chinese language pedagogy in general, with a special focus on comparative syntax, error analysis and cultural connotations in Chinese characters and vocabulary
Technology assisted language teaching and learning, especially in the domain of teaching tones and characters
Second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, cross-cultural communication


Dr. Constanza Rojas-Primus - Spanish
B.Ed. French (Metropolitan U., Chile), M.A. Spanish Linguistics (U of AB), Ph.D. Spanish & Latin American Studies (U of AB), Certif. Intercultural Studies (UBC)

E-mail: constanza.rojas-primus@kpu.ca

Follow me on academia.edu at kwantlen.academia.edu/ConstanzaRojasPrimus

Areas of specialization
Sociolinguistics, Creole linguistics, Anthropological linguistics, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Spanish language, Intercultural Studies
Areas of research interest
Hybrid languages, Ritual languages, Language and gender, ethnicity, and identity, Syncretism and Multiculturalism, indigenous/creole languages and language planning, linguistic rights, intercultural communication competence, and critical pedagogies


Seiko Roberts
Seiko Roberts - Japanese
B.A. (Meiji Gakuin), M.A. (St. Michael's College)
E-mail: seiko.roberts@kpu.ca

Areas of specialization
Second and Foreign Language Acquisition, Second and Foreign Language Pedagogy
Areas of research interest
Language Learning Strategies, motivation and cognition



Cristina Ugalde -Spanish
B.A Spanish (Mexico). M.A. Latin American Literature (Western Michigan University)
E-mail: cristina.ugalde@kpu.ca

Areas of specialization:
Latin America Literature, Spanish as a Second Language Acquisition and Learning. Spanish Language
Areas of research interest:
Applied Linguistics, Communicative Language Teaching approach



For Japanese:

Kaori Kokryo

Eiko Fukada-Cyr

Rumiko Tachibana

For French:

Laurence Gauvreau

Miriam Hostetler

For Punjabi:

Parvinder Dhariwal

For Spanish:

Norma Ceballos

Mario Antolinez

For Mandarin:

Sun Yan

The Department wishes to acknowledge the contributions of the following retired faculty members:

Bea Pires (German)
Christiane Richards (French, 20 years of service to KPU)
Patricio Ramirez (Spanish)
Brinsley Stewart (French, 22 years of service to KPU)