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Tsawwassen First Nation Farm School - CSA Produce Box & Egg Subscriptions

4 Week Egg Subscription - Full for 2021

Certified organic, pasture raised eggs from the Tsawwassen First Nation Farm School

4 week subscription

1 Dozen eggs weekly - $34 ($8.50 per week)
No limit per customer

Pick-up Location
Nada: Tuesdays from 12-7pm
Address: 675 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1X7


We're also super excited to announce that we will be partnering with Nada to be our egg subscription pick-up location! Nada is a package-free grocery store located at the corner of East Broadway and Fraser St.

If you’re new to the #packagefree movement, make sure to check them out online; it's a new way to shop that waves goodbye to plastic packaging and champions community food systems by linking buyers to suppliers by offering healthy, unpackaged goods to their community. 

Interested in learning more? Check out their latest video on How to Shop Package-free!

CSA Produce Box Subscriptions Available Now!

    Tsawwassen First Nation Farm School's 2021 Program Summary

    20 week subscription - starting June 16 to October 27 

    Box Options + Add-Ons
    Small, medium and large box options available
    Add-on option - 1 dozen eggs, weekly

    Pick-up Locations
    Various Metro-Vancouver pick-up locations available 

    See below for more details

    Place your order

    CSA Produce Box_Large

    What is KPU Farm Schools?

    KPU Farm Schools consist of Tsawwassen First Nation and Richmond. Each farm school teaches its own distinct programs that provide unique training opportunities in regenerative agriculture for students of all backgrounds and experiences. 

    The Tsawwassen First Nation Farm School is both an educational and working farm that sells its certified organic products through various Vancouver Farmers Markets, restaurants and a 150 member CSA produce box program. 

    What is a CSA?

    CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and in essence, is a weekly food box subscription.
    How it works is: the customer purchases a share in the season's harvest, pays for that share up front, and receives a weekly box of food for the length of the farming season.

    What makes CSA programs different from your typical food box subscription service?

    The main difference (and the reason it is called a CSA) is that by paying for your subscription upfront you are supporting your local farmer in the spring during a time when there is no money coming into the farm, but a lot of upfront expenses to pay for.

    The cost of your subscription goes back into the farm to pay for seeds, compost, tools, irrigation, animal feed and so on. This makes it possible for the farmer to grow for their community without going deep into debt every spring. It also helps the farmer predict their sales revenue for the season, providing them with financial security.

    At KPU Farm Schools, our CSA program is a bit unique in that the funds we receive not only go back into our farm, but they also go into training our students to be sustainable farmers!

    What are the other benefits of a CSA program?

    CSA’s provide the farmer with peace of mind - allowing them to focus on growing more, higher quality food without uncertainty over where and how much they will sell. CSA’s provide  farmer’s with financial security, regardless of variables like weather and fluctuating market demand.

    The cost of a CSA, and each item in your box, is comparable to what you would pay in the store. The difference? All the money is going directly to the farmer, cutting out the middle men like grocery stores and wholesalers.

    The quality of the items in your box are also going to be fresher and produced in a more ethical, sustainable way that takes things like fair wages, local economies, meaningful work, and a healthy ecosystem into account.

    To sum it up, a CSA is a food distribution system that enables food lovers to support local agriculture, give farmers job security, take care of the environment and guarantee themselves a share of fresh, healthy local produce at a fair price.

    Why does the amount of items in my box fluctuate?

    Farming can be unpredictable due to a number of factors that are out of the farmer’s control. CSA’s allow for the whole community, farmer and food lover, to share in the benefits and risks of the harvest. If it is a difficult growing season there may be less variety or abundance in your box, yet if things go well, the subscribers will benefit accordingly.

    At KPU Farm Schools, the CSA model is our major sales outlet and a focus of the farms production plan. For this reason, we value our CSA customers highly and seek to provide them with the best experience possible. For this reason, we do our best to minimize the effects of a poor harvest or bad year on our CSA customers, providing them with an abundance and variety of produce for the full 20 weeks.

    How does our CSA work? 

    Every farm does it differently based on their unique production model, but this is how the Tsawwassen First Nation Farm School' CSA program works:

    • 20 week produce box subscription 
    • Runs from the week of June 14 to the week of Oct. 25
    • The type of produce in your box will change on a weekly basis based on the growing season 
    • You have the option to pay in full when you place your order OR pay in 2 installments

    2021 Box Options

    Timing: Weekly for 20 weeks starting June 16 - Oct. 27

    Small box:

    • $500.00 ($25 per week)
    • Roughly 5-7 items in each box
    • Feeds roughly 1-2 people

    Medium box:

    • $650 ($32.50 per week)
    • Roughly 7-9 items in each box
    • Feeds roughly 1-3 people

    Large box:

    • $800.00 ($40.00 per week)
    • Roughly 7-11 items in each box but in larger quantities than a medium box (meant to feed a family)
    • Feeds roughly 3-5 people 

    All boxes are Farmers Choice - meaning that we select what is in your box each week, so it’s a surprise.

    2021 Egg Add-On


    • $170.00 ($8.50 per week)
    • Weekly for 20 weeks starting June 16 - Oct. 27
    • 1 dozen per customer
      • Sign-up on a first come first serve basis until full

    Flower Bouquets - Not Available This Year:

    • We will be dialing up our vegetable production this year and therefore won’t be offering flower bouquet subscriptions. But not to worry, we will still have flower bouquets for sale at the farmers markets we attend. 

    Pick-up locations and times

    Tsawwassen First Nation Farm Pick-Up:

    • Wednesday: 2-6pm - REVISED from 2020
    • Fridays: 4-6pm

    KPU Campus Pick-Up:

    • Surrey, Richmond and Langley - Wednesdays: 3-6pm - REVISED from 2020
      • Surrey - GrassRoots Cafe Patio - Outside Building
      • Richmond - South Entrance
      • Langley - Just outside the East building main entrance

    Farmers Market Pick-Up:

    • New West Farmers Market: Thursday from 3-7pm - NEW
    • Riley Park Farmers Market: Saturday from 10am-2pm - NEW
    • Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market: Sunday from 10am-2pm

    What we are growing in 2021

    PLEASE READ - Important pick up protocols and notes

    • You must retrieve your box at the indicated pick up location, during the indicated time frame each week
    • You must bring your own bags to transfer your produce into - we don’t provide bags or boxes
    • You are not allowed to exchange the veggies in your box for different ones
    • If you don’t show up during your pick-up time your box will be donated
    • No refunds, unless it’s a farm operational decision
    • If you will be on vacation please arrange to have someone else pick up your box for you or to have your box donated

    COVID-19 Protocols

    • Procedures for pick-up will be shared in more detail based on your selected pick-up location. But in general please make sure you: 
      • Wear a mask
      • Wash your hands before and after pick-up
      • Stay 6ft away from staff and other customers 
      • Stay home if you are feeling sick and ask someone else to come pick-up your box for you. 
    • Reminder - We wash everything on the farm before it gets packaged up for delivery, but the produce will be handled in transport to you. Remember to always wash your produce when you get it home, COVID-19 or not.