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About Our Pigs

At KPU Farm Schools - Tsawwassen First Nation our Berkshire Pigs are pasture raised and eat non-GMO feed. We purchase our piglets in the spring and raise them over the growing season. The pigs are an integral part of the farm. They do the hard work of rejuvenating spent fields, breaking pest cycles and adding nutrients to our soil. We pride ourselves on producing great tasting ethically raised pork. 

Product and Pricing Information

Whole Pig
Approximately 180lb mixed product
$7.50 per lb 
$1,350 total roughly*
$75 Deposit - remainder paid upon delivery

Half Pig
Approximately 90lb mixed product
$7.50 per lb 
$675 total, roughly*
$75 Deposit - remainder paid upon delivery

Quarter Pig
Approximately 45lb mixed product
$7.75 per lb 
$350 total, roughly*
$75 Deposit - remainder paid upon delivery

*Pigs will vary slightly in size and weight. Therefore, the final cost for each order will vary slightly and be charged upon delivery of your order. 

  • We have whole, half, and quarter pigs available for pre-order.
  • Orders will come split into different cuts of meat and wrapped up in butcher paper.
  • Delivered to your door - dates starting end of September through to November.
  • $75 deposit to secure your order. First come first serve. 

Place Your Order

What to expect

Your quarter, half, or whole pig will come wrapped up in butcher paper and split into different cuts of meat. For example, this would be the average break down for a half pig:

  • 13lb of chops 6-8 packages 
  • 3lb of ribs 1-3 packages
  • 9lb of ground, or sausage 
  • 15lb - one large ham 
  • 8lb pork belly or bacon 
  • 10lb - one large shoulder roast 
  • 4lb - one butt roast 
  • 5lb soup bones 
  • 8lb fat trim (sometimes mixed into sausages) 

*This will take up most of a standard sized freezer

Delivery Details

  • Orders will be ready for delivery starting at the end of September through to November
  • There will be 1 delivery date every 2 weeks or so, first come first serve. 
  • We will send out an email closer to the first delivery date to confirm your order and delivery details.