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Student Fundraising

KPU's Entrepreneurial Leadership BBA Degree and Marketing Diploma students are involved in a fundraising initiative as part of their curriculum. 

As an applied learning institution, real-world experience is an integral part of every program offered at our university. Students are required to put their knowledge into action, often working with private businesses and/or community organizations in order to gain the necessary skills to become successful employees, entrepreneurs and members of our community.

Many students attending classes at KPU face the additional challenge of having to work full or part-time jobs in order to pay for their education.

Creating and executing a class fundraising project not only gives students a valuable hands-on experience, but also provides funds to alleviate some of the financial burden faced by students in financial need.

The project format was adopted by KPU in 1999 and has proven to be a tremendous success. In the last decade, the initiative has raised close to $3,000,000, which funds thousands of dollars each year in student awards.

If you have any questions about this project or giving opportunities at KPU please contact the Office of Advancement at 604.599.2010 or