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Health & Wellness

Our goal is to give the KPU community the resources to foster a healthy lifestyle.

Together we will celebrate and encourage an increase in physical activity throughout our journey. Below are a few easy ways that you can optimize your Health & Wellness.  

All activities can be mapped out and monitored with the Strava App, it's free and easy to use. Sign up today and join our KPU Sport & Recreation Club to join fellow KPU users as they share their walks/runs/rides every day!

For more wellness support head over to the Health & Wellness for Students page.

Do you want to be featured in our upcoming Activity Guide?


Now accepting applicants for our Health and Wellness Sport & Rec Community Spotlight! We want to know why you think you are a good feature for our next Activity Guide. Fill out the pdf below and send it to us at Students, staff and faculty are all welcome to apply!

PDF icon KPU Community Spotlight Application

                               Benefits of Recreation

                          1) Reduces stress and elevates mood
                          2) Improves overall fitness & health
                          3) Develops social relationships
                          4) Builds positive self-esteem
                          5) Improves quality of life

                   Do you move enough for your Health? 


Experts say that 10,000 steps a day is a good number to strive for, however any amount of movement beyond what you are currently doing may result in overall health improvements. Studies have proven that people managed to increase their daily steps to at least 10,000/day experienced significant health benefits, such as reductions in blood pressure and improvements in blood glucose levels. Increasing your movement can also lead to improved fitness, strength, and a great way to de-stress!