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Mask wearing is now a matter of personal preference at KPU. Their use in indoor public areas is strongly recommended. [Read more]

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Department Directory

Please dial (604) 599 + local/ voice mail to reach a person

Educational Support

Last, First Name Local Office E-mail
Karr, Lori 3452 N103
Liu, Lily 3078 L1680
Murley, Shelley 3299 N103
Roth, Aaron 3346 L1663
Steel, Charissa 3332 L1346
Welsh, Rob 3387 N103


Bryce, Laura 3384 L1670
Burns, PJ - On Leave      
Cunnin, Betty 3348 L2562
Dunster, Kathy 2472 L1043
Kazymerchyk, Stan 3295 L1670
Lait, Cameron - Chair 2253 L1043
Lamont, Jamie - Chair 6224 L1670
Lyons, Russ
Matson, Janis 3464 L1151
Regan, Dan 3247 L1151
Roth, Aaron 3346 L1663
Schlamp, Kristine 3421 L1346
Valana, Maria - Apprenticeship Program Coordinator 3265 L1151
Walz, Tom - -


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