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Jim Matteoni Cert. Integrated Pest & Disease Mgt. (Wageningen), Cert. Mycoplasmology (Bordeaux II), B.Sc. (Elmhurst) Nuclear Physics and Biology ,M.Sci. ( Univ. Ill.), Ph.D. (Cornell) Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Ornamental Horticulture

I come from the United States, as will be clear by my midwestern accent. Although I had difficulties in high school and nearly flunked English and math, I found focus in the sciences. I continued to a small college (Elmhurst College), where the small class sizes were engaging and personable. I completed a double major, with Nuclear Physics and Biographylogy. Seeking a career where I could work with plants, I discovered applied botany, now called Plant Pathology. 

At the University of Illinois, I worked with the Jim Gerdemann (mycorrhizae), Dan Neeley and Eugene Himelich (International Society of Arboriculture) on a leaf spot disease of walnut trees. To broaden my perspectives, I moved out to the east coast where I worked with Wayne Sinclair at Cornell University and demonstrated the first phytoplasmal cause of a forest tree decline. 

My first job was with Agriculture (and Agri-Food) Canada, at the Vineland Research Station, as research scientist. However, when I saw the Pacific Northwest, I fell in love; within 6 weeks of my first visit out west, I moved to Vancouver. I started to work as a Scientific and Technical Officer with Westgro Sales, Inc.; and was recruited by Kwantlen to be Chair of the Greenhouse program in 1993. I now teach Botany, and several different pest management courses at the School of Horticulture.

My interests include bicycling, gardening, cooking, and community outreach. My special interests include pollination with bumble bees, and conservation Biographylogical control. I work with the Vancouver Environmental Youth Alliance and Strathcona Community Gardens. I also teach at the Richmond Farm School. At present, I live in Vancouver with my partner of almost 25 years Brian.