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Welcome to the B.C. Food System Policy Database

This database is a centralized resource for planners, policy makers, community advocates, local organizations and the policy curious to search for policy precedents and to better understand how local government policy in B.C. is addressing local food systems. Search by a range of characteristics to find food system policies that have been adopted by local governments across B.C. For more information about using the database and how it was developed see How to use the Database

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Institute for Sustainable Food Systems

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Topic: Food Sales, Access & Procurement

Sub-topics: farm retail/farm gate sales

Region: Thompson-Nicola | Document Type: Agriculture Area Plan/Strategy | Year: draft

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Draft regulation for roadside stands as proposed in Agricultural Area Plan. See Appendix 2, pg 84.

Topic: Food Production, Urban Agriculture

Sub-topics: urban chickens, livestock, zoning

Region: Metro Vancouver | Document Type: Zoning Bylaw | Year: amendment 2012

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Topic Sub-topic Policy or Policy Excerpt Document Location

food production;

urban agriculture;

urban chickens;



...(h)Accessory Hen Keeping, with customarily incidental Accessory Structures subject to Section 412, and customarily incidental Accessory Buildings subject to Section 514 of this bylaw.

Section 501 (h)

See City of North Vancouver Small Creature Limitation Bylaw, 2012, No. 8251 for regulations related to the keeping of hens in the City of North Vancouver.


Sub-topics: water rate for agriculture

Region: Capital | Document Type: Regulatory Bylaw | Year:

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Bylaw outlines conditions for reduced agricultural water rates for irrigation purposes.