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What is Summon?
Summon is a fast search engine that helps you discover a range of relevant information in the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Library collection; it searches books, conference proceedings, government documents, ebooks, journal and newspaper articles, maps, music scores and more, all from a single search box. Right from the list of results, it’s easy to see if the book is available, or if the article is full-text online.

Why use Summon?
Summon combines the simplicity and speed of a Google search with the quality and reliability of library databases. Whether you need an article from a peer-reviewed journal, a book, a case study or a government document for example, Summon takes the guesswork out of choosing library resources and quickly delivers content from many disciplines.

How is Summon different from Google Scholar?
Both Summon and Google Scholar are search engines, and search a massive index of scholarly information. Google Scholar indexes content from many publishers, but does not list who those publishers are. Summon lists the publishers and database providers who participate. The two search engines perform relevance ranking in very different ways, based on proprietary algorithms; neither has shared them with the public. As a student or employee of KPU, you’re able to access content in Summon, while Google searches may lead to frustration when it’s not possible to access items. Some features unique to Summon include: results reflective of Kwantlen Library collections; useful search refinements such as searching for full-text only, limit to scholarly articles, including peer-reviewed, and limit to a specific library location. Some features unique to Google Scholar are the “cited by” information, and the inclusion of Google Books content.

How do I use Summon?
Use the single search box to start, and then use the Refine your Search on the left side of the screen, which includes content type, subject terms, publication date, campus Library location and so on. For a more specific search, for example by author or journal title, use the Advanced Search option. See the Help link at the top right corner of the screen for search tips.

How up to date is Summon?
The database lists are managed by the vendor and are continually updated to capture new journal entries. Our catalogue is updated weekly on Summon.

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