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KPU is preparing for more on-campus activity in Fall 2021. For more on what’s happening for Summer and Fall 2021 [Read more]

KPU Surrey Campus

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See and experience the difference a polytechnic education makes.

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Welcome to the Virtual Open House!
There’s so much for you to discover.

As Canada’s only polytechnic university, we’re home to many programs and courses you can’t find at other institutions. Join us for demos and presentations from faculty and staff to learn more and pick up some cool tips and tricks along the way.

Want to tour the campus? You can! Take a virtual tour from the safety and comfort of home at your leisure. Explore classrooms, labs, workshops and more without having to leave the couch.

Have questions about a specific Faculty or Service area? Choose from our video resources and learn more!

You can contact the Future Students’ Office with more questions, via phone, email, or video.

Event Schedule

You can jump ahead or back to a section of the event schedule that interests you by clicking on links below. Follow along and discover what is possible at KPU.

Welcome – 0:11
Why choose KPU? - 0:48
President’s Welcome: Dr. Alan Davis, PhD – 4:56
Elder’s Welcome: Lekeyten, Kwantlen First Nation – 7:06
Meet Hannah & Ken, KPU Alumni and Student Recruiters! - 11:26
Sustainable Agriculture farm tour – 17:27
Welding demos – 22:57
Cooking with KPU International - 25:30
Adult upgrading: meet Emily! – 29:13
Ceramics and Sculpture studio tour - 33:31
Electrical demos - 35:53
Blood pressure check – 39:13
Student Services overview – 40:47
Make a medicine pouch with Indigenous Services – 51:01
English Language Studies: meet Quynh! – 54:50
Chemistry: dry ice bubbles – 57:21
Networking with the Wilson School of Design – 1:00:30
Brewing & Brewery Operations brew lab tour and tasting tips – 1:04:19
KPU CAN Club interview – 1:09:42
Farrier Training program updates and horseshoe demo – 1:13:48
Nursing patient simulator – 1:17:13
Appliance Service demos – 1:18:35
Public Relations program overview – 1:21:27
Solar Dyeing in the Textiles Lab – 1:24:13
Anatomy & Physiology lab tour – 1:30:38
Journalism: fake news quiz! - 1:33:52
KPU Alumni stories - 1:36:37
Thank you – 1:39:11

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