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Information & Tips

It’s normal for new students to experience some level of nervousness or anxiety in the weeks before and through the start of their first term.

As part of the support network for new students, you can play a key part in helping your student make the transition to a university learning environment.

We encourage you to be knowledgeable about KPU campus support services, while allowing your student to figure out which suits them best. In general, this will ease the transition more than if the supporter is overly involved.

Encourage your student to take part in Orientation. Orientation will get them connected to classmates and senior students, and give them tools to navigate through the first few weeks with confidence.

For more about Orientation and to register, click here.

Also, be sure to attend Family Orientation!

Know what KPU services are available to your student. These include financial, academic, counselling, advising, and many more.

Visit the Current Students website for a list of services, or check out the Student Survival Guide.

Encourage your student to explore and engage with their Kwantlen Student Association (KSA). The KSA also has a number of services and activities to help students, such as the Health and Dental Plan, U-Pass BC, student food bank, computer repair, recreational events, discounted tickets/passes, and more! Visit

Educate yourself on the university student experience. There are many great books and websites which can help further define your role in your student’s university experience.

Check our suggested reading list for student supporters.

Scroll down to check out a video of a KPU faculty member detailing the student transition experience.

Empower your student to lead the way. Students may experience shifts in goals and interests during the first year of their studies. They meet new people, are exposed to new ideas, and they may wish to change the direction of their educational journey as they become more independent.

It is common for students to change programs or majors during their studies, sometimes more than once. This is a normal part of the university experience, and is by no means a setback – your student is discovering their passions and they need your encouragement to do so.

Sit back and enjoy seeing your student grow and discover themselves!


Family Orientation 2015 - Keynote Speaker: Dr. David Burns