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How to Register

Before you register:


After you register:

Before you register

Check your registration time and eligibility

Students are assigned registration dates and times based on Policy AR10, Priority and Scheduling of Registration (see Bylaws and Policies). See Registration Dates & Times for more information on how to check your registration date and time and how they are assigned.

Log in to MAP (My Action Plan) to check which courses you need for your program.

MAP has each student’s academic info – courses, credits, final grades, academic standing – all updated nightly from the main student database. MAP also has the curricular requirements for KPU’s academic programs. The same requirements for graduation as in the University Calendar, including credits, courses, GPA, residency etc. The MAP audit shows students which curricular requirements they’ve met and what they still need to complete in order to graduate.

Plan your classes and timetable

Use Timetables (KC Search) to plan your courses for the semester. Consider the following:

  • Your program: Log in to My Action Plan (MAP) to check which curricular requirements you have met and what you still need to complete in order to graduate from your program. For additional information about requirements, find your program in the University Calendar; make sure to consult the correct academic year. Under Curricular Requirements, you will see a list of courses you are either required and/or recommended to take for the selected program.
  • Academic advising help: Need help selecting and planning your courses? Contact Academic Advising or visit Course Planning 101.
  • Prerequisites: Do you meet the prerequisites to take the course you are selecting? Both the University Calendar and the timetable will list what prerequisites are required to take the course (e.g. "18 credits from courses at the 1100 level or higher"). The timetable will also list "Important Info" about the section, such as whether or not the section is restricted to a particular program or group of students.
  • Timetable worksheet: When using the timetable (KC Search), you can "select" a section, which will add it to your worksheet. You can visually plan your schedule this way before you register to ensure that the sections you are selecting do not conflict.
  • CRN: Ensure that you are keeping track of the CRNs (unique 5-digit Course Registration Numbers used to identify sections) when selecting your sections as you will need these to register.


How to register

Course vs. section: In this guide, you will find reference to "course" and "section". A course (e.g. MRKT 4201) is listed in the University Calendar by academic year (e.g. 2018-19, which runs from September 2018 to August 2019), but it may not be offered every term. A section, on the other hand, is the offering of that course in a particular term. In some terms, multiple sections of the same course may be offered (for example, ENGL 1100-S10, ENGL 1100-S11, ENGL 1100-L10, and so forth). Sections are listed in the appropriate timetable (e.g. Academic Semester, Fall 2018).

CRN: Every section in the timetable is identified by a unique 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN). You should note down these numbers when planning your schedule for the term as you will need these numbers when registering.

Campus: KPU has four campuses (in Cloverdale, Langley, Richmond and Surrey). We allow students to register in sections offered at all our campuses as availability allows, so ensure that you pay attention to campus when registering to ensure that you have enough travel time between classes and exams if you register in courses at different campuses. We also offer sections completely or partially online, so make sure to check how the section is offered.

Registering: The timetable (KC Search) is the easiest way to view sections available in a term and visually plan your schedule. To register, however, you will log into your Online Self-Service (OSS) and:

  • Select Student Menu
  • Select Registration
  • Select Add/Drop Classes
  • Select the appropriate term (e.g. "Fall 2018")
  • Enter the CRNs (Course Registration Number, a 5 digit number that identifies each section, listed in the timetable) and select "Submit Changes"

The system (OSS) will now tell you if you have successfully registered or if there were any errors. Common errors are:

Error What it means
Cohort restriction Some sections are restricted to a particular cohort of students. If you receive this error, you are not part of the cohort that is allowed to register in this section. See the "Important Info" on the timetable for the section for more information about the cohort restriction.
Degree or department or program or field of study restriction Declared students with 90 or more credits completed and in good academic standing.This section is restricted to a particular degree (e.g. bachelor or diploma or certificate) and/or department and/or program and/or major or minor (or some combination of the three) to which you are not admitted. You cannot register for this section.
Level restriction If you have received this error, you are attempting to register in a section that is not available for your level of study (e.g. you are a college preparatory student attempting to register in undergraduate level courses; or you are an undergraduate student attempting to register in graduate level courses).
Linked course required Some courses, especially science or language courses, have a linked lecture and lab; this means you are required to register in a lecture section and an appropriate lab section (e.g. PHYS 1100-S10 and PHYS 1100-S02). If you attempt registration in only one of these sections, you will get this error. Ensure you are registering in BOTH sections at the same time. See the "Important Info" on the timetable for the section for more information about the linked requirements.
Maximum credits exceeded Students are eligible to register in 17.5 credits (some programs allow registration in more credits as their program of study requires). If you are getting this error, you are attempting to register in more credits than your maximum credit limit allows. Students can request to register in more than their 17.5 credit limit if they meet special criteria (see the Request for Special Approval form on SES/Forms, which can be submitted to Student Enrolment Services).
Mutual exclusion with ##### Some courses at KPU are mutually exclusive with one another; this means you can only get credit for graduation purposes for one of the two. If you have taken one of the two courses previously (either at KPU or you have transfer credit awarded for it), the system will not allow you to register in the second course and will give you this error. The mutual exclusion will be listed on the courses in the University Calendar.
Prerequisites/corequisites are unmet You do not meet the prerequisites or corequisites for this course; check the University Calendar or the timetable to view the prerequisites of the course.
Repeating course or equivalent more than ## time is not allowed Normally, a student can repeat a course only once. When you have taken a course twice before (withdrawals count), and you attempt registration a third time, you will receive this error. To request to register in a course a third time, complete a Repeat Course Request form and submit it to Student Enrolment Services. You may also wish to speak with an academic advisor for course planning help.
Same course as section ##### You are already registered in a section of this course for this term; you cannot register for two sections of the same course. If you want to change the section you are registered in, drop the one you are registered in before attempting registration in the other. Ensure there are seats available for the section in which you are wishing to register.
Time conflict with CRN ##### The section you are attempting to register in conflicts with another section that you are already registered in (they have class or exam meeting times that overlap). You cannot register into a time conflict without special permission.

Closed or waitlisting errors:

Error What it means
Section is full This section is either full or suspended and no further registration is allowed.
Section-X is full This crosslisted section is either full or suspended and no further registration is allowed.
Closed - ## waitlisted This section is full and a waitlist is available. To waitlist, choose "Waitlist/Waitlisted" in the Action dropdown and select "Submit Changes" to waitlist. The ## represents the number of students currently waitlisted in the section.
Open - ## waitlisted There is a seat available in this section, but it has been offered to someone on the waitlist; you may waitlist for this section. To waitlist, choose "Waitlist/Waitlisted" in the Action dropdown and select "Submit Changes" to waitlist. The ## represents the number of students currently waitlisted in the section.
Closed - waitlist full This section is full and the waitlist is full, as well. No further registration or waitlisting is allowed.
Open - waitlist full There is a seat available in this section, but it has been offered to someone on the waitlist. The waitlist is also full. No further registration or waitlisting is allowed.
Reserved seats full This section has reserved seats (see the "Important Info" on the timetable for the section to determine what the reserves are) and they are full. If a waitlist is available for the section, and there are seats available on the waitlist, you may be prompted to waitlist (it depends if you meet the reserve or not or if the section is carrying a waitlist for students who do not meet the reserve).

If you are receiving an error and you do not understand why, or you believe that you should not be receiving the error (e.g. you believe that you meet the prerequisites for the section), you may ask for help from an academic advisor or Student Enrolment Services.

For information about dropping or withdrawing from a section, see Dropping & Withdrawing.


Most sections at KPU allow for a waitlist, so if the section is full, you can waitlist and wait for a seat to become available. For help, see Waitlisting.


A student can request to audit a course; full fees are assessed for auditing a section and the student is expected to attend class. They do not, however, participate in the evaluation process and will not receive formal credit for the course. You can request to audit a section only during the first week of classes and must receive permission of the Registrar, Dean or designate. See Admissions & Registration > Registration Regulations > Auditing a Course in the University Calendar for more information.

After you register

Pay your tuition and fees

The fee payment deadline is published and available to view each term on Dates & Deadlines. Tuition and fees must be paid by this deadline or late fee penalties will be applied to your student account (note that you will NOT be deregistered for failing to pay your fees for a term. If you are not planning to attend a term, you must drop yourself from your registered courses; see Dropping & Withdrawing and Fee Deadlines & Refunds).

Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with fee information in the University Calendar (see Admissions & Registration > Tuition & Fees and Paying Your Fees) and How to Pay.

Students applying for or in receipt of financial assistance to help fund their studies should contact Student Awards and Financial Assistance.