Important Information - Summer 2020 Academic Term

Important Information - Summer 2020 Academic Term

As KPU continues to take measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19, there will be no in-person classes offered for the Summer 2020 term. Most KPU courses will be offered asynchronously, with some courses being delivered as a blend of both synchronous and asynchronous learning. In order to meet the requirements of remote delivery, students registering in Summer 2020 term courses will need to have a tablet, laptop or personal computer, and access to the internet via WIFI or other source in order to complete courses and access KPU services. 

Please note: This does not apply to the Faculty of Health practice or clinical classes. Students in Faculty of Health programs should check with their respective program chair.

Course Delivery

Some remote courses will be delivered in a synchronous format and others in an asynchronous format.

  • Synchronous learning online is the educational word for livestreaming.
    • You are synced to whatever is going on at that moment – like a live lecture or a small group chat.
    • If your course is delivered in a synchronous format, you will need to be online during the days and times indicated for the direct contact portion of your coursework.
  • Asynchronous learning online is the educational word for everything that doesn’t need to be live.
    • It could be reading articles, watching a taped lecture, or exchanging drafts of a paper.
    • If your course is delivered in an asynchronous format, you will be able to access the course material at any time. 

You will receive more details from your instructor(s) about the delivery format at a later date and will need to adhere to the overall timelines they provide.

Courses not being offered for Summer 2020

KPU has identified the list of courses below that are unable to be delivered remotely and will be cancelled. If you are currently registered in a course on this list, you will be de-registered and your fees and tuition for the applicable course(s) will be reversed.  Please note that there may be other sections cancelled for the summer term for other reasons that are not included in the list below.

Student responsibility

Please check your schedule to ensure your registration is correct. You are responsible for all courses for which you remain registered and unless you have officially dropped or withdrawn from courses, you are considered fully registered, will be charged for the course and will be assigned a grade. 

Visit the Registration Guide for more information about Dates & Deadlines and Dropping and Withdrawing.

Faculty of Arts

FINA 1110 - Introduction to Painting

FINA 1130 - Ceramics I

FINA 1131 - Sculpture I

FINA 1142 - Introduction to Print Media

FINA 1175 - Form, Structure & Materials

Faculty of Health

ACUP 1180 - Acupuncture Practicum Intro

ACUP 2380 - Acupuncture Final Practicum