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Frequently Asked Questions

For FAQs and login information for the Romeo Researcher Portal, click here.

Romeo: Submit draft application 2 weeks prior to the deadline to guarantee a full review by the ORS. 
Agency Portal: Final application must be submitted 5 business days prior to the grant submission deadline. This will allow sufficient time for the Dean and AVP, Research to review the final application.

My research involves human participation. What is required by the researcher and co-researchers?

Policy RS1 states "All researchers shall successfully complete the Tri-Council on-line tutorial accessed at, or a similar tutorial approved by the REB". 

When I publish the results of my research, who should be included as authors?

Policy RS2 outlines the University’s expectations. More details of best practices can be found in J. J. Washburn “Encouraging Research Collaboration Through Ethical and Fair Authorship: A Model Policy” (2008). ETHICS & BEHAVIOR, 18(1), 44–58.

What expenses are allowable for me to charge from my research award?

In some cases, such as Research Contracts, you will be restricted to those expenses as outlined in your budget and budget justification. In other awards, such as those from the federal Tri-Agencies, spending limitations are less restrictive, but are limited to expenses related to research activities. A comprehensive, but not complete, list is here at Use of Grant Funds. If in doubt, please consult with your Faculty Ops Manager prior to incurring the expense.

I have written a contract to do research, can I sign it?

No. Contracts, service agreements, etc. are documents that bind the University. All documents of this nature need to be reviewed, negotiated (if required) and signed by the Associate Vice President, Research, ORS.

What is the process for getting research applications approved?

All applications for external funding must be logged with ORS. Please complete the Research Data Information Form accessible through the ROMEO Researcher Portal. Signatures from the Associate Vice President, Research of ORS require a two working day turn around. Please factor this into your deadline. Inside this time we cannot guarantee that your application will be signed.

Am I allowed to hire undergraduate students on my research grant?

Yes. At this time they are hired on a Contract to Purchase basis. This contract term may not exceed the term of the award, nor may it exceed the budget of the award. Please contact your Faculty Ops Manager (or equivalent) to arrange this.

Am I able to engage in research that involves animals?

No. Currently we have neither the infrastructure nor the administration that would permit animal research. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

How may I get Time Release to do research?

Time release is permitted at the discretion of your Dean. Please consult with him/her as to the deadlines for their internal approval process.

  • Fall time reassignments/leave—Submit request to your Chair and the dean's office by April 1
  • Spring time reassignments/leaves—Submit request to your Chair and the dean's office by Sept 1
  • Summer time assignment/ leaves—Submit request to your Chair and the dean's office by Jan 1

How do I get funding to support Time Release activity?

There are a number of sources of funding:

1. 0.6% Professional Development Fund
2. Research grants and contracts. In the case of Option 4, Time Release is written into the grant/contract as an eligible expense. Please note: many funders specifically prohibit this type of budget item.

Does the ORS have funding for Time Release?

Other than through the Katalyst, ORS has a limited fund. This is given out in a discretionary manner with a limit dollar value, and is expected to be match by other external sources.

How do I  find research team members?

Go Research allows university researchers from every part of the globe to post their research opportunities.  The website focuses on researchers and students from all faculties and all universities, including Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Can I keep unspent funds at the end of the project?

No. Institutional policy does not permit the use of research funds outside the time scale and purpose of the award. These funds are either returned to the funder or retained by the Institution. An exception to this may occur if the award (usually a contract) stipulates this is permitted. In this case the funds will be placed in an SPF to be used to support research activities. The restrictions on spending (see above) are in effect for these funds.

Can I extend the term of my research award?

This depends upon the funder. In the case of a Milestone (such as a report), you will need to get written permission from the funder to extend the time of the project. With the 0.6% PD fund and Katalyst awards we do not normally allow extensions. With external funders, such as SSHRC we can extend the project end date for a maximum for 1 year. This extension request needs to be made in writing to ORS, 60 days prior to the active end date. It will also require approval from your Chair and Dean.

I am a student researcher and presenting a poster.  Which logo should I use on my poster to identify Kwantlen as a supporter?

One of the attached logos should be used:  #1 (PDF) or #2 (JPG).

What is the University’s GST number?

10757 9633RT

What is the University’s Charitable Status number?


How do I pay by wire transfer to Kwantlen?

Kwantlen does accept wire transfers.  For information about wire transfers, contact Accounts Receivable at 604.599.2069 or 604.599.2057 between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM Monday to Friday, except statutory holidays and other campus closure dates, or by email to:
Always ask for a receipt. Proof of payment will be required in the case of missing or incorrectly processed payments.