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Reporting a Complaint

It is expected that conflict involving students will first be addressed with the lowest level of meaningful resolution. Accordingly, wherever possible, interpersonal conflicts should be addressed respectfully and directly between the parties in conflict.  If an issue cannot be resolved informally, the parties in conflict may contact the Office of Student Judicial Affairs for assistance.

Formal Complaint

The Office of Student Judicial Affairs (OSJA) accepts only written complaints regarding student misconduct. Written complaints can be in the form of an official incident report, email or letter. Complaints may be submitted through filing an Incident Report with a Security Officer or by emailing the complaint to the OSJA at . All complaints will be reviewed and a decision will be made as to whether the incident warrants action by the OSJA. Actions from the OSJA may include the following: proceeding with an informal administrative process; initiating a formal investigation; facilitating a restorative action process; or, documenting the incident with no required action from the OSJA.

To talk to the Judicial Affairs Officer to discuss whether or not a formal complaint should be made please call (604) 599-2950.

Please Note: Anonymous complaints or testimony will not be accepted or considered in the investigative process.