KPU recognizes that from time to time a student may wish to appeal a grade. For this reason, KPU has Policy ST3, Grade Appeals through which these matters may be addressed.

To initiate a grade appeal students should familiarize themselves with the formal process as outlined in the Grade Appeals Procedures in support of Policy ST3.

Submit your completed grade appeal form to the Registrar's Office.

Appeal of a Decision

A Respondent may appeal a decision of the Dean, Supervisor, Director or designate and/or the President, as applicable, to the Senate Standing Committee on Appeals only on the basis of:

  • procedural unfairness, which means that established procedures were not followed or were improperly applied during the Investigation and/or decision making process; and/or
  • new information available, which could not have been available at the time of the Investigation, that could have reasonably impacted the decision.