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Outgoing Exchange Application

Application Disclaimer

Please note that this Application form cannot be saved part-way, so be prepared to complete and submit it in one go. We recommend you work on your Application using a computer rather than a mobile device as it may be difficult to upload the necessary files and complete your application on a mobile device. 

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Document Descriptions

First and second choice institution

Decide which KPU Partner Institution is your first preference, and which institution is your second preference.

Preferred semester(s) on exchange

Choose the 1 or 2 semesters you wish to study abroad for.

Personal information

Download the following spreadsheet to fill in your personal details: Outgoing Exchange Applicant Details.xlsx

You will also be asked to fill out your budget worksheet, and your study plan (detailed below) in the same spreadsheet, so you will need to be ready to upload the file on the next section of this application.

Budget worksheet

Budgeting is an important step in planning your KPU Global Learning Experience. Each person's spending preferences will vary substantially, so it is important for you to work out a budget suited to your goals and needs.

The amount of money required for exchange varies greatly from country to country and from student to student. For reference information on costs and money-saving tips, read personal reports written by other students and research the living costs in the cities where your first and second choice institutions are located.

Study plan

Please look up at least 6 courses you are interested in taking at the partner institutions you identified as your first and second choice.

You are expected to visit an academic advisor within the Faculty/program you are enrolled prior to completing this form to determine what courses you have left to complete from your program. Academic advisors cannot tell you how the courses from exchange will transfer but you can use the information about your degree requirements to guide your decisions below. Please click here to book an appointment with an academic advisor.

  • You are not bound to your selections but you should become familiar with the academic program at your partner institution to ensure that your course choices will fit with your academic goals.
  • Choose a minimum of 6 courses that you would be interested in taking at your partner institution for each semester you plan on being on exchange.
  • See our partner profile pages for academic information about your study plan options As the course catalogue for your intended exchange term may not be published yet, please select your courses based on the most recent course listings available.
    e.g. If you're applying for a Spring semester exchange, try to find the previous year's courses at the partner institution that have an overlap with KPU's Spring Semester dates.

Statement of interest

In 500-750 words, please answer the four questions below on a separate document and be prepared to upload it in the application.

  1. Why you have chosen your first and second choice partner institutions for exchange?
  2. Explain how this international experience links to your educational and career goals. How will the international experience contribute to your current academic program?
  3. What personal qualities and past experience do you have that will help you be successful in your international experience?
  4. What do you expect to learn from this international experience, and how will you apply these lessons upon your return to Canada?

Your statement of interest should include both your first and second choice institutions and should be between 500-750 words. Include details about how the institutions and destination countries fit in with your academic, professional, and personal goals. Also outline the skills and experiences you have that will allow you to adapt to change and new situations.

References forms

You may choose either to provide 2 Faculty Reference Forms or a combination of 1 Faculty Reference Form and 1 Community Involvement (Volunteer Experience)/Work Experience Reference Form. These are submitted separately from your online application, however you are expected to have them submitted to or KPU International (KPU Richmond - 1400 or KPU Surrey - Cedar 1145) by the same application deadline.

Unofficial transcript

Please access your transcript online, and upload a screenshot/print-out of the pages in your application.

To access your transcript online:

  1. Log into Online Self-Service
  2. From the Student menu, choose Records
  3. Choose Academic Transcript
  4. Set Transcript Level to "All Levels"; and Transcript Type to "Web Transcript"
  5. Click Submit


If you are a Design or Fine Arts student, please be prepared provide your portfolio via one of these two options:

  • URL
  • File Upload

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