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Virtual Exchange at KPU

Since Spring 2021, KPU International is excited to support students with virtual intercultural learning experiences.

What is a virtual exchange?

As we all face this global COVID-19 pandemic and are restricted in physically traveling abroad, now is the time to think how technology can help us learn. Students participating in virtual exchange programs can enroll in online classes from partner universities abroad, be part of cultural immersion classes, participate in online international/intercultural conversations, or embark on a virtual internship. Students can take 3-9 credits; these courses may carry credits that can be transferred back to your home institutions.

Studying abroad virtually still allows you to connect with people from all over the world - Immerse yourself in an international classroom, learn about another country’s culture, and hone in on invaluable skills of learning/working in virtual teams. Virtual exchange opportunities are not set up to replace the actual physical study and travel abroad experience - they are set up to add to the study abroad experience, by providing an alternative that delivers intercultural learning outcomes through the use of technology.

Benefits of Studying Abroad Virtually

Cost effective

  • No need to buy a flight ticket and pay more for rent, travel, personal, and other living costs
  • Save personal money for other expenses
  • Opportunities to get funding and awards to support your studies

Accessible, Flexible, Safe & Stress free

  • Studying abroad is now more of an option to those with medical, physical, personal, or financial barriers
  • Allows you to continue your job, studies, recreational activities, and maintain your home relationships
  • Allows you to participate with a country that has a different academic calendar (semester start/end time)
  • Safe way to experience the world on your own, and gain international experience during this global pandemic
  • Stress free way of experiencing another country that you are unfamiliar with, and do not know the language

Increase your Personal, Educational, and Professional Profile

  • Build your international network
  • Gain global knowledge, and intercultural competence
  • Become more independent as you navigate new challenges
  • Great addition to your resume, and lead towards your future career 
  • Have fun exploring new things, and making new foreign friends
  • Be a student in another Educational Institution/University
  • Learn and improve your communication skills in another language 
  • Experience another style of teaching, and learning from a university in another country

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