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Virtual Exchange – Outbound


Below is information about intercultural virtual global opportunities to apply for and participate in. Go here to read about the benefits of virtual opportunities, and why they are worth it! 

If you are interested in applying and participating please email to speak to a Study Abroad Coordinator at KPU and receive an application. By applying and participating through KPU you will receive more support and can participate at a reduced cost.


  • Global Indigenous Learning Experience

    Are you an Indigenous (First Nations, Metis, Inuit) student at KPU? Join a 4-week virtual international learning exchange between Indigenous students at KPU and Edith Cowan University (ECU), Australia.

  • Language & Culture Opportunities

    Explore the world through global engagement opportunities directly lead from our partner institutions around the world. Improve your language and culture skills, become a global citizen and network with students from another country.

    *This page is being updated each semester with new virtual opportunities to apply and participate in.


  • Costa Rica Global Learning Programs (CR GLP), Costa Rica

    Looking to improve your resume? Apply for our 8-week mentorship program with 10-15 hours per week of work. You'll be introduced to Costa Rican culture, receive Spanish classes, and learn how to work in an international business.

  • GVI - Volunteer Internship Program Placement options in Different Countries

    Learn from live masterclasses, peer to peer learning, and local immersion activities in a global internship where you will earn a certificate, professional recommendation letter, and competitive network.

  • Absolute Remote Internship Program #absolutetribe

    Learn from live masterclasses, peer to peer learning, and local immersion activities in a global internship where you will earn a certificate, professional recommendation letter, and competitive network.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Opportunities: KPU courses with international joint projects

Click HERE* for more details.

*Application process and funding is different from other programs listed on this page.

How to Apply

Contact Sarah Burn (Study Abroad Coordinator) at or book an appointment via Advisor Connect to speak about these opportunities.

Make sure you email us before the deadline so that we have time to assist you with your application. Below you can see what information will be asked for in the application.

Preparing for the Application

PDF icon Summer 2022 VEP Application.pdf

The application will ask for the following information:

Personal information

  1. Your first and second choice virtual program experience
  2. Whether you meet the eligibility requirement (*exceptions may be considered; contact us to inquire about your case) 
    1. Be a current KPU student
    2. Have a min. GPA of 2.5 (an unofficial transcript saved from your KPU account will be required)
    3. Have completed 9 university credits by the time you plan to participate in the virtual experience

Statement of Interest

  1. Why have you chosen your first and second choice experiences? (max 500 words)
  2. How will this virtual experience link to your educational, personal, and/or career goals? How will the experience contribute to your current academic program (max 500 words) 
  3. Proposed Study Plan (only applicable for the academic experiences)
    1. How many courses are you interested in taking at the partner institution?
    2. List 6 courses that you are interested in taking at your 1st choice institution. 



We look forward to supporting you with your virtual exchange experience! 


Funding & Awards International Insurance Student Global Mobility Fund – See the World with KPU

The GMF funds are available to both international and domestic KPU students. Click here to learn more about how this funding may cover up to 100% of the tuition or program fees of virtual exchange experiences. Message if you have any questions and would like to apply. 

Access to Global Learning Award

As part of the funding from the Employment and Social Development Canada’s Outbound Mobility Pilot Program Global Skills Opportunity Fund (as administered by Colleges and Institutes of Canada (CiCan), KPU created a needs-based and character-based Access to Global Learning Award in 2021 for Canadian students. This award seeks to encourage innovative approaches to reduce barriers to mobility and increase the number of Canadian students that participate in outbound mobility experiences and prepare them for the labour market. Click here to learn more about how this funding may cover up to 100% of the tuition or program fees of virtual exchange experiences. Message if you have any questions and would like to apply. 


VEP Academic - for credit (Spring 2021)

“I feel as though this experience has really developed my skills in a very educational manner. It was great to experience a city in which the way they work is different than what I am normally used to. Lots of discussion based, hands on work which is beneficial as it allowed to me to gain an insight of the different ways to work.” ~ Kiran, Bachelor of Interior Design. Home Abroad with ELISAVA, Spain ~

“I was studying from India at that time, I like exploring new places and meeting new people. In the pandemic time it was difficult to explore but thought of meeting new people virtually. I saw videos of sharing experience of exchange students and sounded fun. I applied for the same and luckily got selected.” ~Harmeet, Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting. Winter School TBS with Toulouse Business School, France ~

VEP Internship & Culture (Spring 2021)

"I learned a lot just from interacting with the people from the program, the Spanish classes were great, I also learned a lot from my mentor on the inner workings of a hospital. This is something a student should experience at least once in their time at KPU. This was a fun, challenging, but very fulfilling experience that taught me a lot." ~Leila, Bachelor of  Science in Health Science. Costa Rica Global Learning Program, Casa de Soccoro placement ~

“I believe that this program has greatly helped me realize my potential in the field of psychology and has motivated me to pursue the subject even further.” ~Partap, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Costa Rica Global Learning Program, ASONI placement ~

“It’s been great! It has given me opportunities to be creative with my abilities and really challenge me. One of my projects right now is working on a way to help an organization gain more awareness for donors who interested in contributing. This is very helpful to understand because it has a lot to do with marketing while touching the hearts of the readers.”                                                                                                                                   ~Brian, Bachelor of Business Administration: Entrepreneurial Leadership. Costa Rica Global Learning Program, ASONI placement ~ 

 “I learned a lot about Costa Rican Culture. Even though, it is virtual I am learning a lot, different types of food, the nature and its diversity this small country holds. As for my academic learning, I am learning the difference between what I have learned and how it differs in work culture.”    ~Pooja, Post Baccalaureate Diploma: Technical Management and Service. Costa Rica Global Learning Program, Illusion Travel placement ~ 

  VEP Conversational Exchange (Spring 2021)

“I had a lot of fun and learnt many things about Japanese culture. More importantly, I have built a relationship with a Japanese native who I can contact and have conversations with into the future and who is eager to learn about my own, Canadian, culture giving me the opportunity to share and learn simultaneously. I did not have to leave my house to have this rich experience. There was no commute or cost of travel/contact as there are free apps to speak over. If there are changes in plans, communicating online is much more efficient.” ~Shahina, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Nagasaki Online Conversation Program ~ 

“The experience has been great, and I really enjoyed it.  My language partner is helping me with Japanese songs and funny Japanese phrases. She also likes to have English conversation with me, and I encourage her to write English articles I can help correct. I edited a few of her English class essays over Zoom.” ~Patrick, Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies. Nagasaki Online Conversation Program ~ 

>> KPU news report: Study Abroad Exchanges Move Online at KPU


How many credits can I take?

Generally virtual exchange programs are to supplement your KPU course work, so it is recommended to take 1-2 courses (3-6 credits) with a partner institution.

How much will it cost?

Fees vary depending on the program. Please refer to the "cost" section of the opportunity for more information. If it is an academic course for credit, you pay the same tuition rate as you do at KPU. If it’s a specialized program/condensed online experience, there is often an additional program fee attached. See individual opportunities for cost details. 

Additionally, there is an award that you can apply for to fund your virtual exchange experience. You may receive up to 100% of the tuition or program fees as reimbursement. Please refer to the Funding and Awards section for more information.

Will the classes be synchronous or asynchronous?

Do be mindful of the time zone differences. However, most institutions are aware of that challenge, and offer a variety of courses that are asynchronous in addition to their synchronous offerings. Some intuitions has this information in their course catalogue.

I want to see the course catalogue before applying. Where can I find it?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible ( and we can send you further information.

How will my courses transfer back?

Prior to beginning your exchange, you will get your courses pre-assessed for transfer credit. This would entail working closely with the Exchange Coordinator to follow the process between the Faculty and Registrar’s Office. The majority of courses will likely transfer back as general or program-specific electives.

What do I get out of a virtual exchange experience?

Learn from an international professor and share a virtual classroom with classmates from a different country Learn to approach topics with a different cultural lens; learn local perspectives Work in projects with local classmates and build connections – next time you visit the country, you’ll have local connections already! Sharpen foreign language skills Being a student in another institution means you can partake in social events and extra-curricular programs at that institution Do all the above while paying your regular KPU tuition fees!

I still would like to go on a traditional mobility experience after this. Can I do so?

Very likely, yes. You can go on 2 exchanges in your time at KPU.

Okay. I need to speak to somebody about this as this is very interesting but also very new to me! What should I do?

Get in touch with us as soon as possible ( or set up an appointment via Advisor Connect with either Sarah Burn and we can guide you through the steps! Time is of the essence, so make sure to send an email to us even if you have slight interest.


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