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Transformative Dialogues - Special Issue Theme

To allow scholars the time to reflect on and prepare submissions, we have laid out some general themes for future issues. We are also interested in following themes and ideas that emerge from the dialogues that develop and encourage comments and suggestions.


    Call for Submissions - Volume 11, Issue 3

    Deadline for submissions:  June 1, 2018 (for November 2018 publication)

    • Do you teach or do research with a colleague in another country?
    • Do you collaborate with students, faculty or administrators at an institution(s) in another part of the world?
    • Have you travelled to other countries in a way that has influenced the way you teach?
    • Do you (or your institution) work with other countries to address issues of social justice?

    If you said yes to any these questions, or other related lines of inquiry that integrate global experience(s) in teaching and learning, faculty/educational/academic development, organizational culture, or higher education, we ask you to consider turning your experiences into scholarship and including that work in an upcoming special issue of Transformative Dialogues.

    Increasingly, as a society we participate in joint research and teaching activities, which include global exchange of students, staff, and faculty. Engaging in this work helps identify and address topics with worldwide importance. In this special issue, we are interested in international experience(s) that demonstrate making a positive impact, collaboration, reciprocity, and/or social responsibility. This may include undergraduate or graduate level experiences, programs, or partnerships.

    We are looking for

    • Scholarly (Inquiry) Articles (2,000 to 8,000 words)
    • Personal or Speculative Reflections (500 to 3,000 words)
    • Service and Community Projects (2,000 to 8,000 words)
    • Artifacts including presentations, poetry, interviews, videos, images etc.

    All articles in Transformative Dialogues undergo a rigorous peer review process.  
    For submission guidelines, please visit
    Deadline for submissions for this special issue is June 1, 2018
    If you have questions or would like feedback on your scholarship ideas, please contact guest editors
    Michele Parker ( and Laura Cruz (

    Transformative Dialogues is currently moving to an Open Journal platform. You can make a submission by clicking this link and creating a  log in for yourself and then following the steps to upload your submission as a Word (.doc) or a Rich Text Format (,rtf) document.

    As this is a new platform and process for TD, we anticipate there may be issues. Please contact us if you run into any.
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