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About Us

The Teaching & Learning Commons 

Catalyst, Collaborator, Connector, Communicator & Coordinator 

KPU's teaching and learning centre has been renamed to the "Teaching and Learning Commons", formerly known as INSTL. The Commons extends beyond the typical definition of a teaching and learning centre. As you'll see through this website, the "Commons" is a place for all members of the University Community who have a common interest in teaching and learning. We invite and recognize contributions and experiences from the KPU community. Feel free to post in the blog and/or contact us if you have expertise you'd like to share (e.g. co-facilitating workshops, communities of practice, co-developing Pro-D programs for KPU educators, etc.)

The Teaching and Learning Commons serves as a catalyst, collaborator, connector, communicator and coordinator for teaching, learning and scholarship at KPU. In other words, we are stewards, work in partnership with other academic and administrative departments and provide complementary expertise. Together, we will achieve exemplary student learning experiences and leadership in distinctive areas of teaching and learning within the BC post-secondary community, and beyond. You will have multiple opportunities to contribute to KPU's teaching and learning plan, as well as the Commons' directions. In the meantime, we welcome hearing from you. We are located at the Surrey campus, Arbutus 2400, but are happy to visit you at any campus or office, by appointment. To contact specific individuals, please see below.

Our Team 

Catalyst, Collaborator, Connector, Communicator and Coordinator 

Members of our team would be pleased to hear from you! Our general email address is We are located at the Surrey campus, Arbutus 2400, but are happy to visit you at any campus or office, by appointment.

Headshot of Rajiv Jhangiani

Rajiv Jhangiani, PhD | Acting Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning & Associate Vice Provost, Open Education
Contact: | 604.599.3253
Office: Arbutus 2413, KPU Surrey

Rajiv leads KPU's open education initiatives, including the creation, adaptation, and adoption of open educational resources, the zero textbook cost (ZTC) program, and support for open pedagogy and open education research. He currently also provides leadership to the Teaching & Learning Commons (including educational development and learning technologies) and Continuing & Professional Studies.

Stephanie Chu

Stephanie T.L. Chu, PhD | Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning [on leave]
Office: Arbutus 2412, KPU Surrey

Stephanie provides leadership on KPU's teaching, learning and scholarship directions and related supports for KPU educators and programs. She values hearing from and working with the University community to elevate students' learning experiences and to further advance educators' teaching practices and faculty development - recognising the important synergies between teaching, learning and scholarship in an academic's life. See KPU's Teaching, Learning & Scholarship Strategy & Action plan (which is being updated to align with VISION 2023 and the Academic Plan 2023). 

leeann waddington

Leeann Waddington, RN, MS | Manager, Learning Technology & Educational Media
Contact: | 604.599.2114 | 604.316.3223(c)
Office: Arbutus 2414, KPU Surrey

In addition to leading the Learning Technologies team, Leeann's area of focus is technology in the classroom and hybrid learning environments. If you are considering moving some of your face-to-face course online, would like to engage students in the classroom with technology or need support with online program design she looks forward to supporting your needs.


Janice Webster | Administrative Coordinator
Contact: | 604.598.6215
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Janice is responsible for our day-to-day administrative support operations and supervises members of the team. Additionally, she supports the Vice Provost with calendaring, finances, projects, initiatives and events.

Kathy Leung

Kathy Leung, BA | Communications & Events Specialist
Contact: | 604.599.2217
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Kathy is another person behind She is responsible for the Commons' communications; promotional materials; events planning, coordination and participant evaluations. She liaises with other Communications Specialists to promote and celebrate educators' and students' experiences across the University. Furthermore, Kathy attends to workshop scheduling and drafts communications and reports for the Vice Provost's Office. 

ON LEAVE -- Radka Quigley | Communications & Events Specialist


Learning Technology

The Learning Technology Team supports our educators with adopting and using KPU tools and technologies for teaching. They provide one-on-one and small group consultations, as well as support and training. Though the team can assist with "how" to use tools and technologies, they can also assist you with the "why" (pedagogy). 

Lisa Gedak

Lisa Gedak | Teaching & Learning Technologies Strategist
Contact: | 604.598.5463
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Lisa’s role is to support faculty by using innovative strategies that create opportunities for the implementation of technology within their teaching practice, through a variety of methods including workshops, and individual and group consultations.  Lisa is passionate about instructional design and the intersection of pedagogy and technology.

Robin Leung

Robin Leung, BBA | Educational Media Strategist
Contact: | 604.599.2168
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Robin oversees KPU’s educational media platform Kaltura and supports faculty in the creation of media related projects. He can provide practical strategies to incorporate media-based assessments, engaging content; and can enhance traditional methods of teaching and learning by introducing faculty to digital innovations. Robin also supports our WordPress site for those who wish to incorporate blog-based assignments and communications.

mustafa m

Mustafa Mohammed, BTech | Learning Technologies Systems Analyst
Contact: | 604.599.2125
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Mustafa oversees the KPU learning management system, Moodle, and supports faculty with the development and management of their sites and integrated tools, platforms, and functions, including Big Blue Button, H5P and Mahara. Mustafa can support end-users with the design of course templates to meet the unique needs of KPU departments and programs. 

Educational Consultants

Educational Consultants support KPU educators to further advance their teaching and scholarship practices, as well as the activities and efforts of the Teaching and Learning Commons. They are available for one-on-one or small group consultations and work with programs/departments to develop and facilitate tailored professional development (e.g. workshops, reading circles, etc.) or resources. 

Kristie Dukewich

Kristie Dukewich, PhD | Educational Consultant, Course Design and Assessment (50%)

Kristie has a variety of educational development experience and skills, including curriculum development, program assessment, and instructional design. Kristie’s portfolio includes a special emphasis on designing assessments and Universal Design for Learning. 

Lesley McCannell

Lesley McCannell, MBA | Educational Consultant, Intercultural Teaching Competency (25%)
Contact: | 604.599.2168
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Lesley supports faculty to create a culture of inclusion by supporting the development of intercultural capabilities and incorporating inclusive pedagogies.  Lesley also provides consultations for individuals and maintains a resource site and community of practice for faculty and departments as they explore approaches to internationalization and intercultural teaching.

Deanna takacs

Seanna Takacs, PhD | Educational Consultant, Universal Design for Learning (UDL) (50%)

Seanna has worked with children, teens, and young adults with learning difficulties from the earliest stages of her career. She holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from SFU where she studied reading comprehension and more broadly, variation in language acquisition and literacy processes. Seanna was an instructor in post-secondary for ten years, teaching courses on instructional psychology, reading, and learning disabilities. Her interest in Universal Design for Learning is contemporaneous with her investigation of learning differences: what differences exist, are those differences meaningful, and how can we ameliorate those differences through strong teaching and curriculum design practices? Combined with her role in Accessibility Services at KPU, Seanna is excited to work on both sides of the fence supporting both students and instructors in equitable educational access for all.


Gordon Cobb, PhD | Educational Consultant, Teaching with Technology (50%)

Gordon worked as a composer, sound designer and filmmaker before completing a PhD in Arts Education from SFU.  He brings to the Teaching & Learning Commons a passion for creating experiential workshops and learning resources for both teachers and learners that are multimodal, interactive, interdisciplinary, and technology-oriented.  By incorporating current and emerging educational technologies into existing curricula, Gordon believes learners of all ages can develop and refine essential 21st Century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. 

Teaching Fellows

The Teaching Fellows support and advance the quality of our teaching and learning at KPU by supporting educators through consultations, sessions and developing resources and liaising with related, external networks. Focus areas align with key priorities in our Academic Plan.

Larissa Petrillo

Larissa Petrillo, PhD | Teaching Fellow, Experiential Education & Community Engagement (50%)
Contact:| 604.599.2312 | Experiential Learning Website (

Larissa is available to consult with faculty and instructors to realize KPU’s polytechnic mandate through the expansion and enhancement of experiential learning opportunities and to establish a network/community of practice, resources and plan to sustain Experiential Learning at KPU. Specifically, she will:

  1. Provide consultation, support, resources and training to educators and programs to design, implement and evaluate (e.g. through scholarly inquiry) new or advanced experiential learning opportunities and initiatives.
  2. Initiate systems for showcasing common interests, projects, and deliverables.
  3. Connect, communicate and celebrate experiential learning at KPU (both internally and externally).
  4. In collaboration with the Vice Provost, establish strategic directions and a plan for experiential learning and related community engagement for KPU.
  5. Lead KPU's participation in the Canadian pilot for the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement. 


Lesley McCannell

Lesley McCannell, MBA | Teaching Fellow, Intercultural and Internationalization (25%)
Contact: | 604.599.2168
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Lesley supports faculty to create a culture of inclusion by supporting the development of intercultural capabilities and incorporating inclusive pedagogies.  Lesley also provides consultations for individuals and maintains a resource site and community of practice for faculty and departments as they explore approaches to internationalization and intercultural teaching.

lilach marom

Lilach Marom, Ph.D | Teaching Fellow, Intercultural and Internationalization (25%)
Contact: | 604.599.2814
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Lilach Marom is a graduate of the Department of Education Studies at the University of British Columbia. She has a wide experience in formal and informal education in diverse contexts. Lilach’s research is focused on questions of equity, multiculturalism, and social justice in education. She lives with her family on the unceded territory of the Squamish, Tsleil-waututh and Musqueam Nations.

arley cruthers

Arley Cruthers, BA, MFA | Teaching Fellow, Open Education (25%)
Office: Arbutus 2400, KPU Surrey

Arley's area of interest is open education and open pedagogy. She's happy to help you find open educational resources or find ways to bring open pedagogy into your classroom.