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Course Design & Redesign

Course Outline

Click HERE to find your course outline.

Note: Learning Outcomes are a contract between the student and the University and cannot be changed without going through the official revision process. Content section says “must include but not limited to” Assessment “may resemble” and may be adjusted as long as policy  is adhered to and the Learning activities are not binding.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Consider Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to develop accessible teaching and learning activities and environments that supports student diversity including EAL. See:

- The Ohio State University Partnership Grant, "Fast Facts for Faculty: Universal Design for Learning."
University of Guelph's resources including a helpful implementation guide
- Ryerson University's guidelines for developing your syllabus/course outline, student resources, assessments, course webpages and online delivery. 

Remote Teaching

For remote teaching strategies, please visit our Keep Teaching website.

Additional Resources:

Enhancing Teaching Through Constructive Alignment (Biggs 1996)

See the "Events" calendar for upcoming workshops. 

Outcomes Based Approaches (previous T&L website's pages)