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Distinguished Scholarship Awards

Exemplary teaching is a core element of KPU, and scholarship in its diverse forms is integral to that endeavour: the scholarship of discovery, creativity, application, teaching and learning, and integration. Accordingly, KPU recognizes and celebrates outstanding examples of such scholarship.

The award is adjudicated by the tributes committee (SSCT). Nominate a current or former KPU employee. There are no fixed criteria for selection of the award, although generally nominees will, through their scholarship, have had a recognized and substantial impact on any or all of the relevant discipline(s), students, colleagues, the institution, and the community.

Nominations for the award can be made by any faculty, staff member or student of KPU by October 1 of each year. Written permission of the nominee is required.

Download information and nomination package.

Congratulations to past recipients!

2018  Dr. Daniel Bernstein
2014  Dr. Gira Bhatt