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Keep Teaching

This website has been developed to support KPU instructors who need to plan and facilitate teaching and learning activities remotely in the event of an unexpected campus closure. This site provides quick tips, strategies, and tools for moving teaching and learning resources (e.g., lectures and readings) and practices (e.g., activities and assessments) online.

This site was last updated: May 2, 2020, 10:00AM

Need immediate help?

The Teaching & Learning Commons team will be working remotely until further notice. If you need support with learning technologies and educational media, please contact the IT Service Desk (they will route your request to the correct team member in Learning Technology to best support you). For assistance with redesigning learning activities or assessments, please contact If you need equipment to teach online (laptop, iPad, mic/webcam), please complete this survey.

Please Note: We are dedicated to delivering timely assistance throughout the semester. We will respond as quickly as possible, thank you for your patience as we work through the surge in requests.

A message from the Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning

Dear colleagues,

We recognize that the need to rapidly shift to remote teaching and learning raises many questions for faculty, which is why we have developed this website, which provides quick tips, strategies, and tools for moving teaching and learning resources (e.g., lectures and readings) and practices (e.g., activities and assessments) online. It also includes support and strategies for redesigning or accommodating teaching and learning activities that do not easily lend themselves to online delivery. If you need support during this transition, please first look at this website.

The Teaching & Learning Commons team will do our best to support you during this time. In addition to developing this website (which we will continue to update with resources and guidance):

  • If you need support with learning technologies, educational media, or redesigning learning activities or assessments, please complete this intake formThis will enable us to determine your needs and assign the appropriate team member to assist you.

  • We are scheduling and running virtual drop-in sessions, webinars, and other opportunities for training. Please visit the Learning Opportunities section of this website for a list of upcoming training opportunities.

  • We have increased the bandwidth available on both Moodle and BigBlueButton to cope with the massive increase in demand; however, we would like to urge you to not use synchronous video sessions as your first option. Instead consider alternative approaches such as recording a narration for a slide deck or uploading brief video lectures that students can view asynchronously.

  • We have been working with IT to help provide access to faculty who may not own the necessary technology (e.g., a laptop or a webcam) to teach online. If you need access to technology to support instructional continuity, please submit your needs via this form and a member of our team will get back to you.

KPU is fortunate to have a large number of our faculty who have experience using learning technology. At this time we are asking for faculty who are willing to help support our community to volunteer to serve as an additional resource for their peers. We know this is asking a lot when you will also be occupied with your own challenges, but your experience will be extremely valuable and reassuring to your colleagues. If you are interested in volunteering for peer support, please let us know via this form.  

One final note:
Teaching online can be as engaging, interactive, and effective as face-to-face classes when course instructors have time to design and prepare their lessons, and when they and their students have time to master the learning technologies that support online instruction. That is not the situation here. You’re being asked to quickly shift from face-to-face to remote teaching. You may not be able to expertly integrate learning outcomes, assessments, and instructional strategies, all through unfamiliar technologies. And that’s okay.

Right now, let’s concentrate on what’s important: communication, flexibility, and compassion.

Our goal right is to give you enough support and resources to finish the semester. Resources and support for designing effective online courses will follow later.

Remember, you’re not alone.

Friends and colleagues are feeling the same anxiety and facing the same challenges, so reach out to find – and give – support. The Teaching & Learning Commons team is ready to respond to your questions and requests.

We will get through this period by pulling together.

Thank you very much,

Rajiv Jhangiani, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President, Teaching & Learning

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