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This page provide suggestions on establishing lines of communication between you and your students.

What your communication should include?

Your communication to students should include the following:

  • Reassurance to students
  • Information about how to contact you
  • Information about your plan for your course
  • Information about where and how to access course material
  • Information about assessments and how they are to be submitted
  • Infomration about how they will get feedback/grades


  • Create a plan and communicate the plan
  • Keep it simple!
  • Communicate “office hours” (consider increasing scheduled availability)

Using KPU Email

The best way to communicate with your students outside of Moodle (KPU's Learning Management System) is accessing KPU supported email client via Microsoft Outlook. Learn more about how to use Microsoft Outlook.

Tips on how to use email:

  • Download your class list from Banner and make a distribution list you can re-use.
  • Start each week with an intro message, instructions, office hours and any deliverables 
  • Complete each week with a summary and some encouragement that we are almost there!

Using Moodle

Moodle is KPU's supported Learning Management System. Learn more about communicating with your students on the Using Moodle page. You may want to check out specifically, Communicating with my students and Host virtual office hours.

Using Microsoft Teams

Learn more about communicating with your students using Microsoft Teams on the Not Using Moodle page. Check out the section Hold office hours or run a group session (with Microsoft Teams).