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Content Delivery

Note: Summer 2020 Moodle course sites are now active. You may access your course shells in the "Future" courses tab.

Put your course materials online

Putting your course materials online helps you to be prepared so that students can access the content they need to complete the course. Here are some ways in which you can share your course content with your students online.

Using Moodle

Moodle is KPU's learning management system, a simple way to stay connected with your students. Course sites are automatically created each semester for instructors. If you are teaching online for the first time, take a look at the Moodle course site template below. Learn more on the Using Moodle page.

Moodle course site template to support online instruction new icon

We are excited to share our first Moodle course site template to support online instruction for the Summer 2020 semester. This template has been designed to support online course design by faculty who may never have delivered a course outside campus based delivery formats. Even if you have previously taught online, we hope you will appreciate the simplicity and consistency of this course design that supports the building of a learning community, and the facilitation of teaching and learning in a virtual space. Visit the virtual tour of the template. If you wish to use the template simply follow instruction after watching the virtual tour for instructions to implement the template in your Moodle course.

Moodle Basics

Watch the webinar on how to get started in using Moodle.

Using OneDrive for File Access

Microsoft OneDrive provides an online file storage access solution that is safe, secure, and 100% compliant with FOIPPA regulations. All KPU faculty, staff, and students have access to 1TB (1000GB) of file storage which allows your file(s) to be accessible from any device, anywhere online. Learn more about OneDrive on the Not Using Moodle page.


  • If you are using K Drive, move/copy files over to OneDrive to make it accessible.
  • Name emails and OneDrive folders functionally (ie. Announcement, FAQ, etc)

Conducting your class in a digital space

Facilitate class activities, such as lectures, group activities, discussions, assignments and exams with these technology options. Always try to use asynchronous options if possible before considering synchronous options. Synchronous online delivery is especially challenging for students who do not own the necessary devices (e.g., computers) or have unreliable access to the internet, those who have additional responsibilities during the public health crisis (e.g., children at home or elderly parents to care for), and those who are in different time zones (e.g., international students who are currently unable to fly to Canada). While we do recognize that some programs and teaching and learning activities do require synchronous delivery, where possible we urge faculty to design their courses for asynchronous remote delivery.

Using Kaltura to record lectures and presentations (asynchronous option)

Kaltura is KPU's video management platform (built right into Moodle). It allows you to publish media content directly to your students without worrying what devices your students have or what format your media is in. Kaltura Capture provide an easy tool to record your screen, webcam, and audio with a single click. Learn more about using Kaltura in the Using Moodle page, specifically in the Create Media section.

Using BigBlueButton to create synchronous sessions

BigBlueButton is KPU's web conferencing platform designed for online learning (built right into Moodle). It provides real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat and screen. Students can be engaged through the use of emoji's, breakout rooms, and polling. We encourage you to limit your sessions to 60-90 minutes. Learn more about using BigBlueButton in the Using Moodle page, specifically in the Deliver Content section.

Facilitating good discussions (asynchronous)

One of the easiest tool to facilitate online discussions is the use of Moodle's discussion forum activity. Learn more about using the discussion forums in the Using Moodle page, specifically in the Facilitate Activities section. Check out this resource our friends at TRU put together to help foster good discussions online.

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We do not recommend using social media (i.e. Facebook, Google Hangout, Zoom) as they are not compliant with BC's Freedom of Privacy and Information Act.