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Student Support

Learning Centre support

The Learning Centre has resources to help students during the transition to online instruction: Please share these links and resources with your students. You will find more information at

The Learning Centre tutors and learning strategists remain available to support students. Online sessions are available for all of the peer tutoring subject areas and learning strategists are also available to help with online study skills, time management, and more.  Students can book sessions at

Additional Useful Resources

Accommodation Planning

As we work through moving courses online, some questions have been raised by instructors who are concerned about including students with accommodation plans. Before we get to the questions, there are three main steps to follow in working with accommodation planning during a rapid shift:

  1. Ask specific questions about whether ALL students’ accessibility needs are being met. Follow up with specific questions for students with accommodation plans.
  2. Offer choice and alternatives for assignments and assessments
  3. Reach out to Accessibility Services to work on any difficulties that can’t be solved in the first two steps.

Keep in mind that accessibility is everyone’s responsibility, do your best, and be flexible. If you want more ways of thinking about access, this BLOG POST can help.

What do I do for students with accommodation plans?

Have a conversation with your students and ask them about any barriers that they are perceiving. Are they barriers that the whole class is facing (e.g., moving away from f2f, a larger workload, staying in touch)? Let them know it’s an “everybody” barrier and you’ll address it with the whole class. Are the barriers specifically encountered by that student? Investigate the barrier and collaborate to come up with alternatives. Know that you can be in touch with a learning specialist or accessibility advisor.

Do we need to implement the same accommodation plan to the online learning platform? Do I wait for the student to inform me of which accommodations still apply?

The barriers that exist at the intersection of the accommodation plan and course design may no longer exist or may be different from the original course format. Some accommodations used before may no longer apply. Some accommodations not considered before may need to be considered now i.e. note taker may not be necessary as the student will now have access to a recording online (pause and go feature). Reach out to the student to inquire or contact Accessibility Services

What if students require transcribing?

You are obligated to make sure that any videos or lectures that you show are accessible to students with hearing impairments either by being transcribed or captioned. Captioning is available for YouTube videos. For transcription or captioning questions, please get in touch with the Teaching and Learning Commons for solutions.

How do I extend time for exams on Moodle?

If you have any questions about modifications to assessment time, grading, videos, or holding office hours, please consult the FAQ page on Moodle on the Keep Teaching page:

What if my students require assistive technology?

If your students require assistive technology, ask them if their technology needs are compatible with any changes in the course. If there are compatibility problems, offer to work on reasonable alternatives. You may also refer them to Accessibility Services where they can receive specialized assistive technology support.

If I change the format of my exams or assignments at the last minute how do I make sure I’m including students with accommodation plans?

It's a good policy to remember the Universal in UDL: as I change my teaching format, are there new barriers created? Are there old barriers removed? Check in with students and ask specific questions about accessibility. You may find that asynchronous, online learning removes some barriers for some students with accessibility plans. If you get feedback on specific barriers that have been created for students with accommodation plans, offer choice and alternatives, and work with Accessibility Services.

With the extended time on exams for students with this accommodation (double time), are they somehow being proctored at home if they choose not to write in the testing center?

Like the rest of the class, all students including students with disabilities will have access to notes, the web, and other material working from home. Please visit Keep Teaching for quick tips, strategies, and tools for moving teaching and learning resources (e.g., lectures and readings) and practices (e.g., activities and assessments) online and planning for alternate activities and assessments.

I’ve received emails from students with disabilities who are struggling with the transition. Who can I reach out to for support?

You have an important role in conveying that students will not experience new types of disadvantage or discrimination with a change in teaching and learning!
Recommend and use the supports available: Counselling, Learning Center online workshops and webinars, online learning strategist sessions, online 1-1 peer tutoring, and Accessibility Services. Encourage and model communication. Invite students to follow up with you once they’ve reached out to other services. Make sure that you are providing daily channels to be in touch about the course, but also to share check-ins, and day-to-day experiences. Kitten videos, song parodies, and silly dogs doing silly things are a balm for the soul.

How do I support my students in online learning?

Free WiFi

Shaw will give everyone complimentary and unrestricted access to Shaw Go WiFi network hotspots regardless of whether or not they’re a Shaw customer. For more information visit:
KPU IT also have extended wireless access in parking lots on campus. Check wireless availability on campus here.