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Teaching Fellow Applications

Call for Applications - Fall 2019

[ Download details: PDF icon Teaching Fellows Call for Applications - Fall 2019.pdf]

Application Deadline: 8 am, October 11, 2019.

Teaching Fellows provide an educational development leadership opportunity for KPU faculty members. They are seconded from their respective faculty appointments through partial time releases. The purpose of the Teaching Fellows program is to:

  1. Advance KPU in specific areas, establish networks/communities of practice, develop resources and implement a plan for sustainment.

  2. Collaborate with senior administration and the Teaching & Learning Commons (where applicable) to plan and enhance the offerings under the umbrella of teaching and learning to support select key priorities in the Academic Plan 2023 and current institutional priorities.

  3. Enable KPU faculty members to serve in this way, as “connector, coach and catalyst” for their colleagues in particular areas of expertise, will be a key way for us to support and advance the quality of our teaching and learning environment. The Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning or Associate Vice Provost, Open Education will serve in turn as a “connector, coach and catalyst” for these Teaching Fellows.

Available Teaching Fellow Positions (2)  

  1. Interculturalization & Internationalization 

KPU’s student population and local region are culturally diverse, thus requiring institutional-level planning and internal capacity-building on interculturalization and internationalization to enhance our students’ success and advance our teaching practices (as per KPU’s Vision 2023, and Goals 1 and 2 in Academic Plan 2023). This position will work closely with members of the KPU community including educators from across the faculties and administrative units, Teaching & Learning Commons staff, the Vice Provost Teaching & Learning and select external collaborators.

  1. Open Education 

Open education encompasses a wide range of activities that aim to widen equitable access to knowledge and knowledge creation. At KPU this includes the creation, adaptation, and adoption of open educational resources (OER) as part of our Zero Textbook Cost initiative, the design and implementation of renewable assignments and other forms of open pedagogy, and training and support for open education research. Open Education is an integral part of Academic Plan 2023 (see Goal 6 and its corresponding strategies). This position will work closely with members of the KPU community including educators from across the faculties and administrative divisions, Teaching & Learning Commons staff, and the Associate Vice Provost, Open Education.


Teaching Fellows will be selected through an internally posted competition coordinated by the Office of the Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning. As the posted positions reflect a 25%-time release, the appointed faculty member for:

  • Interculturalization & Internationalization will receive 2-course releases from January to December 2020.

  • Open Education will receive 1-course release for spring or summer 2020 (for a total of 2-course releases from January to December 2020 pending funding)

Re-appointments may occur subject to funding and mutual agreement between the incumbent and Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning or Associate Vice Provost, Open Education. Extensions or the selection of new foci areas are based on institutional directions (i.e. Academic Plan), activities to date and identified needs.

To Apply

  1. Review the information in
  2. Inform your Dean and Chair of your application.
  3. Submit an application consisting of:
    1. A cover letter indicating your expertise and outlining your interest in the area including what you would bring to the position (refer to the selection criteria) and a statement confirming that your Dean and Chair are aware of your application.
    2. Curriculum vitae.
  4. Submit your application to by 8 AM, Friday, October 11, 2019. Applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee and short-listed applicants will be invited to interview by month’s end.


[ This program is funded and supported by the Office of the Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning.
Questions? Contact: ]