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Testimonials | Appliance Servicing

“The Appliance Servicing Department's mission is to be the leading educational provider in the training of Appliance Service Technicians. Our goal is to graduate technicians that can successfully be employed by service companies, utilizing the most effective training methods, and endeavouring to keep abreast of the significant technological advances in modern appliances.”

Faculty, Appliance Servicing Department, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

"The appliance service program is an exceptional program. It offers training in electrical, mechanical, refrigeration, gas and electronic controls. It focuses on three sets of skills needed to be successful: diagnostics, interpersonal skills and business management skills. This is a skill set you can take anywhere in the world. You can do this program and this kind of work at practically any age."

Dan Hall, KPU Appliance Service Student

"My instructor are really supportive of my ambitions. They motivate me, and if I am having issues with a topic, they take time to patiently explain the issues."

Anika Gandhal, KPU Appliance Service Student