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FAQs | Farrier

Frequently Asked Questions about the Farrier Training Program

Q: When does the program start?

There are three start dates, January, April, and September.

Q: How much do the textbooks cost for the program?

The textbooks will cost approximately $350.00.

Q: Is work experience part of the program?

Fridays are open for students to either catch up on book work, do research or gain some work experience with a local farrier.

Q: Must I have all the tools at the beginning of the first term?

On the first or second day the program assistant will take the students on a tour of the local suppliers for the required equipment. It’s necessary to have all the listed equipment purchased during the first week.

Q: Will the Polytechnic University set up an apprenticeship with a farrier for me?

While you are enrolled the instructor will introduce you to any farriers interested in having a helper or apprentice. It will be up to the individual student to come to an arrangement with the farrier.

Q: Is nine months going to give me the skills to start my own business?

The time in the farrier barn and classroom will give you the skills to be a successful farrier apprentice. Some individuals will be able to exit the program and start their own business. However, to run your own business requires a broader skill set that will include some business courses not covered in the farrier program. The School of Business at Kwantlen Polytechnic University can meet that need.

Q: Does the Polytechnic University have dorms?

At this time Kwantlen Polytechnic University does not provide any student accommodation.