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Industry Service Programs

Gas Appliance Service Certificate

Students will study the basic theory and practices of the administration and regulations of the B.C. Gas Act.  They will study the properties of gases, piping, burners (pilot & atmospheric), flame characteristics, orifices, combustion, air supply, venting, basic electricity, flame safety, operating valves, propane cylinders and servicing.  Students will learn safety, and the use of basic tools and meters in gas servicing.  Students to purchase texts/reference materials.  Note the Gas Appliance Service Certificate was formerly the Class C certificate.

Prerequisite:  Instructor permission.  Please contact Tom Westgate at for more information and an application form.

This class is offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 9:00 pm, February 7 – May 8, 2017 on the KPU Tech Cloverdale campus.  The cost for instruction is $980.00, and students are required to purchase texts and reference materials.  Fees are due upon registration.


Introduction to Parts & Warehousing

Starting February 1, 2016, the Faculty of Trades and Technology will be offering a 6 week introduction to parts and warehousing for students with varying disabilities. The tuition-free certificate program is aligned with employment opportunities in both the LNG and supply chain sector, and prepares students to carry on training to the full parts and warehousing foundation program offered at KPU. Students will receive in-class instruction and learn practical application of inventory controls and the movement of goods.

Course content includes careers in parts and warehousing, safety skills and knowledge, parts and warehousing tools and equipment, WHMIS, introduction to trade related math, résumé writing and interview skills.

Students are evaluated on an ongoing basis and individuals are expected to maintain a high level of participation and attendance to complete the program.

There are 12 seats available in the Introduction to Parts and Warehousing for Students with Disabilities. The program runs from February 1-March 11, 2016 with classes taking place Monday-Thursday from 8am-3pm. There is no tuition cost for this program, however the cost of books for the program is approximately $200. Students will also require steel toed shoes, a computer memory stick, and various supplies like pens and markers.

For more information or to apply to the program, contact: Karen Dumaresq at or by phone, 604.598.6011.

Pre-Foundation Welding Service Partnership Program

KPU Tech in partnership with the Alliance of Manufacturers and Exporters Canada (CME) and First Nations Employment Society (FNES) is offering a pre-foundation welding service program from January 7 - February 27, 2015. Students will participate in 5 weeks of introductory and hands on-learning activities at the KPU Tech Cloverdale campus followed by a 3 week work experience arranged by CME. Interested applicants must be registered with FNES, complete a literacy assessment and meet LMA entrance eligibility requirements; for additional information please contact Jay Mearns, FNES at

Welding Upgrading & CWB Testing

Welding involves the use of manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal pieces together. Welders use flame-cutting, brazing and soldering equipment, melting and fusing pieces to be joined to form a permanent bond.

Welder Test Centre at KPU Tech provides upgrading and CWB Testing for certified welders. For program and registration information contact 604-598-6129. Test authorizations can be faxed to 604-598-6005 or visit welding page online.

Industry Service Programs

The Faculty of Trades & Technology offers a selection of industry service courses and professional programs and responds to training requests to meet the needs of industry and/or their employees. For more information about these offerings, please see the Faculty web site.