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Graduate Nurse, Internationally Educated Re-entry: Certificate


This unique program prepares internationally educated nurses to work as registered nurses in British Columbia. This program is designed for nurses who are required by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) to renew and enhance nursing knowledge and skills, to write the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE).

This program is designed to:

Note: Clinical placements could take place at any of the Lower Mainland hospitals between North Vancouver and Chilliwack. Students are responsible for their own transportation to clinical experiences.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the program and the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination, graduates will be eligible to apply to practice as a registered nurse in British Columbia.

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to Kwantlen's General university admission requirements including the undergraduate-level English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply.

Note: Some agencies may require students to take an Oath of Confidentiality.

If any practice experience agencies require proof of current immunizations, students are responsible for all costs related to immunization. Failure to have acceptable documentation at the time of placement may jeopardize completion of the program.


This is a full-time, continuous, three semester program that includes classroom instruction, independent study, online study, nursing skill laboratory sessions, and hospital clinical experience. The content provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide safe nursing care for adults in the health care setting.

A student must achieve a minimum grade of C in a theory course and mastery in a clinical course in order to progress to a subsequent course and to receive the program certificate. The clinical experience evaluation includes judgments about interpersonal skills, professional behaviour, and clinical knowledge and skills based on the CRNBC scope of practice standards. If a student is not successful in one course withdrawal from co-requisite courses is mandatory.

Semester 1

Students will explore the fundamental concepts of nursing in the Canadian setting including the nurse/patient relationship, teaching/learning theory, health promotion, the nursing process, patient-focused care, and growth and development theories. They will have an opportunity to acquire new psychomotor skills and practice previously learned psychomotor skills consistent with the scope of registered nursing practice in acute, sub-acute, and long-term care settings in Canada.

Students will also learn the fundamental principles of pharmacology and become familiar with the generic and trade names of drugs prescribed for common health challenges and will explore the use of pharmacology fundamentals in the nurse's role within Canadian society.

Students will apply nursing theory and skills in an adult acute care unit.

All of:
  GNEA 1108 Nursing Theory I 8.5 credits
  GNEA 1104 Pharmacology 2.5 credits
  GNEA 1106 Nursing Experience I: Medicine 3 credits

Semester 2

Students will examine in greater depth ethical, legal and professional issues and standards of nursing practice. They will apply their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to the principles of illness and injury. Students will use critical thinking skills in applying these principles to medical and surgical health issues in an adult population.

Students will examine Canadian values, health, and the health care delivery system in Canada. They will explore the social and cultural dimensions of the health care environment and the major trends that affect health, broadly conceptualized, in Canada.

Students will apply nursing theory and practice nursing skills in an acute care surgical unit, as well as a unit that may be acute or sub-acute.

All of:
  GNEA 1204 Canadian Culture and the Health Care Environment 1 credits
  GNEA 1208 Nursing Theory II 6 credits
  GNEA 1206 Nursing Experience II: Surgery 3 credits
  GNEA 1216 Nursing Experience 3: Practicum 3 credits

Semester 3

Students will integrate and apply nursing theory and practice skills necessary for the scope of RN practice. They will develop caring professional relationships with patients and effective working relationships with peers and facility staff. They will practice leadership and mentorship skills.

Students will continue to explore advanced nursing concepts such as leadership, family nursing, community nursing, and legal and ethical concepts. They will also prepare for the CRNE.

All of:
  GNEA 1308 Nursing Theory 3 4 credits
  GNEA 1316 Nursing Experience 4 3 credits
And one elective from:
  GNEA 1318 Nursing Theory 4 4 credits
  NRSG 3190 Access for Registered Nurses 4.5 credits

Other Information


In addition to tuition fees, students will spend approximately $2,000 for textbooks, course materials, uniforms, during the program. Students are also responsible for providing their own transportation to clinical experiences.


Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Certificate in Graduate Nurse, Internationally Educated Re-entry.

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