This is an ARCHIVED version of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Calendar for 2008-2009 (SPRING) and is provided for historical reference only. See the current version of the Calendar for updated information.

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Liberal Education

See also Liberal Education Electives

LBED 3110 CR-3

Work, Technology and Society

Students will learn to critically examine technology’s impact on work and the relationships of people, groups and systems.

LBED 3120 CR-3

Study of Cultures

Students will use inter-disciplinary perspectives and techniques to study various human cultures. They will develop a sense of the cultural elements they will encounter in their careers and communities.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1100 or 1110 or equivalent

LBED 3130 CR-3

Critical Thinking, Logic and Scientific Reasoning

Students will develop skills in close reading, rational argumentation, rhetoric and analysis and evaluation of scientific, statistical and causal arguments.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1100 or 1110

LBED 3131 CR-3

Deduction and Induction

Students will develop skill in deductive logic and in analysis and evaluation of scientific, statistical and causal arguments.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1100 or 1110

LBED 3140 CR-3

Science and Technology -An Historical & Philosophical Overview

Students will examine key debates concerning science and technology from an inter-disciplinary approach. They will also be introduced to historical and philosophical perspectives on science and technology.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1100 or 1110

LBED 3310 CR-3

Power Relationships I

Students will study a variety of perspectives on many forms of power, collective and personal. They will analyze the evolution and transformations of power, the relationships between power and powerlessness, internal and external power, and the rewards and costs of power. Students will learn the causes and effects of power in a variety of contexts, including the workplace.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1100

LBED 3311 CR-3

Power Relationships II

Students will examine collective and personal power in a variety of contexts. They will analyze structures of state power as well as structures of inequality and oppression in the state, the legal system, the workplace and the home.

Prerequisites: LBED 3310 recommended


LBED 3410 CR-3

Literature of the Humanities

Students will study influential writers and thinkers who have helped shape western culture, imagination, and thought. They will read, discuss, and write about imaginative literature such as poetry, plays, and novels; and non-fiction prose drawn from religious, philosophical, political or scientific thought. Students will examine the language and ideas of such diverse writers as Plato, Shakespeare, or John Stuart Mill to come to a better understanding of how western assumptions about human nature and society have been formed.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1100

Transferable (refer to transfer guide)

LBED 3420 CR-3

Themes in Contemporary Culture

Students will study issues and arguments in contemporary culture reflected in essays or articles, and selected prose readings from the Massey Lectures series. They will read, discuss and write about contemporary issues related to science and technology; politics and democratic citizenry; language, education, and the media.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1100

LBED 4210 CR-3

Ethics and Social Issues

Students will be introduced to a variety of approaches to ethical issues related to business, technology and society. They will examine select philosophical and ethical theories, as well as specific topics such as the conflict between the rights of the individual and the interests of society.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1100 or 1110

LBED 4810 CR-3

Innovation and Creativity

Students will explore the nature and role of creativity, from an individual and team perspective with particular emphasis on business environment. They will examine principles, theories and models for creativity, with a heavy emphasis on experiential techniques. Students will investigate the role of the creative process within various organizational contexts in an effort to stimulate and develop their personal creative process, with emphasis on creative leadership and the case study approach.

Prerequisites: A min. of 60 credits of any 1100 or higher level courses.

LBED 4900 CR-3

Community Involvement and Contribution

Students will work with a community oriented agency to complete a mutually agreed upon project that focuses on an issue or problem faced by the agency. Through this project, they will integrate liberal education and business concepts. Students will also be involved in classroom-based analysis and reflection about the interrelationships among organization, culture and society.

Prerequisites: LBED 3310 and 3311 and (ENGL 1100 or 1110)

Corequisites: ENTR 4110