This is an ARCHIVED version of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Calendar for 2008-2009 (SPRING) and is provided for historical reference only. See the current version of the Calendar for updated information.

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MRKT 1199 CR-3

Introduction to Marketing

Students will learn the fundamentals of marketing and explore the relationships between companies, their customers and their competition. They will examine concepts that are integral to the field of marketing including marketing environment, customer behaviour, marketing research, product analysis, distribution, pricing strategies and promotion. They apply these concepts in solving marketing problems.

Transferable (refer to transfer guide)

MRKT 1220 CR-3

Dynamic Selling

In this course, students make an intensive study of the theory and practice of personal selling, during which they will practice their selling skills on local companies. The course also briefly examines the main aspects of the sales management function.

MRKT 1235 CR-3

Small Business Essentials

Students will learn the fundamentals of small business ownership in a Canadian context. They will learn business-planning essentials such as environmental and marketing analysis, ownership options, operational design, production, and finance to facilitate integration of these into a business plan. They will also learn a variety of challenges associated with managing an ongoing firm.

Transferable (refer to transfer guide)

MRKT 1299 CR-3

Consumer Behaviour

Students will explore buyer behaviour and motivation using key theories from various social sciences (including Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology) and apply these theories in contemporary marketing situations.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199 or 1230

Transferable (refer to transfer guide)

MRKT 2111 CR-3

Marketing Online

Students will learn the techniques and principles of marketing in the rapidly changing online environment. They will study topics such as planning and designing effective Web sites, challenges and strategies for reaching customers, and how e-commerce works in the business environment today.

Prerequisites MRKT 1199 & 1299

MRKT 2321 CR-3

Retail Management I

Students will be introduced to both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in retailing including consumer behaviour, store design and layout, merchandise planning, retail pricing strategy, advertising and selling. They will apply these concepts both in the classroom and in junior retail positions.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199 and 1299

MRKT 2333 CR-3

Marketing Management I (Changes to this course will become effective May 2009. View future changes )

Students will learn to combine fundamental marketing concepts with proven organizational management practices. Particular attention is focused on the planning process, innovation and product development, and managerial control. This material is approached using lectures and case studies

Prerequisites: MRKT 1299 or MRKT 1230

MRKT 2340 CR-3

Marketing Research

Students will learn the theory and practice of marketing research as an aid to management decision-making. They will work on a "real-life" research project.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1299  and (ACCT 1230 or MATH 1115 or PSYC 2300)

Transferable (refer to transfer guide)

MRKT 2360 CR-3

Selling and Sales Management (Changes to this course will become effective May 2009. View future changes )

This course commences with the theory and skills of professional selling and leads to a practical selling project. The sales management function is examined in depth.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1299 or MRKT 1230 or instructor’s permission

MRKT 2401 CR-3


This course introduces the field of contemporary advertising and promotion in Canada. The client/agency relationship is analyzed and the current theory and practice of developing an overall communications program is examined. Students work in teams on a project to develop an advertising proposal for a local marketing organization.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1299 or 1230

MRKT 2421 CR-3

Retail Management II

Students will learn advanced retail merchandising and management concepts including relationship retailing, retail operations for small firms, non store based and non-traditional retailing, integrating and controlling retail strategy, they will also apply these concepts in an actual retail situation.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1199 and 1299 and 2321

MRKT 2430 CR-3

Marketing Simulation

Student teams simulate the marketing management of a company, making strategic marketing decisions in the context of a strategic planning framework. Students integrate marketing strategy decisions with other aspects of business strategy. Case studies are used to probe key strategic decision areas.

Prerequisites: MRKT 2333

MRKT 2444 CR-3

Marketing Management II (Changes to this course will become effective May 2009. View future changes )

Students apply marketing principles and methods from previous courses in the preparation of a detailed corporate marketing plan for an innovative product of their choice. A blend of lectures and weekly laboratory activities allows participants to apply as they learn. Practicality is emphasized throughout the duration of the term.

Prerequisites: MRKT 2333 

MRKT 2455 CR-3

International Marketing

This course focuses on the marketing functions of the export process used in small-to-medium sized firms. Among the topics covered are: marketing and the export process; the international marketing environment; government and private sources of assistance; international market research; product adaptation decisions; alternative distribution methods; pricing and payment procedures; and cross-cultural promotion issues. The course emphasized integrating these decision areas into a coherent international marketing plan.

Prerequisites: MRKT 1299

Transferable (refer to transfer guide)

MRKT 4177 CR-3

Contemporary Issues in Marketing

Students will analyze and gain insight into significant contemporary marketing issues such as globalization and cross-cultural marketing, online marketing and e-commerce, modern corporate culture, outsourcing and marketing and business ethics. They will interact with guest speakers, plan and lead seminar discussions, research and analyze contemporary marketing strategies and theories, and produce and present a comprehensive research project.

NOTE: This course may not be used for a School of Business Credentia

Prerequisites: 60 credits at the 1100 or higher level including ENGL 1100 and MRKT 1199