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Adult Basic Education: Certificate of Completion


Adult Basic Education will be of interest to those students who wish to:

ABE courses are tuition free for domestic (Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents).  International students pay the regular rates.

Course Options

Class Format

Most courses are given in a continuous-entry, individually paced format. Course offerings will vary from campus to campus.

Reading Lab

The reading skills laboratory offers individualized help to acquire reading, vocabulary, and spelling skills at all levels. It is available to all Kwantlen students and may be taken as preparation for, or at the same time as, other university courses.

Directed Studies

Directed studies courses in Math and English are available for students with specific upgrading needs. Course content and requirements for completion are determined by agreement between the individual student and instructor.

Course Levels

Fundamental Level

Students will benefit from the fundamental level if they have difficulty with basic reading, writing, and math. Completion of this level prepares students for some trades programs and ABE courses at the Intermediate Level.

Intermediate Level (Grade 10)

Completion of courses at this level prepares students for courses at the Advanced level, for direct entry into many trades and vocational programs, and for the GED.

Advanced Level (Grade 11)

Completion of courses at the Advanced level prepares students for courses at the Provincial Level. Advanced-level courses may also be used as prerequisites for many other courses at Kwantlen. Completion of Advanced English will normally allow a student to succeed in the LPI test. Advanced level math is a requirement of the Adult Graduation Diploma.

Provincial Level (Grade 12)

Completion of courses at this level prepares students for direct entry into many Kwantlen programs and courses. Provincial level English is a requirement of the Adult Graduation Diploma.

Provincially Articulated ABE Courses

Intermediate Grade 10
Advanced Grade 11
Provincial Grade 12
English see Fundamental Pathways ABEE 0070 ABEE 0081 ABEE 0091 or
ABEE 0092
Math ABEM 0008 ABEM 0010 ABEM 0011 MATH 1112
Science   ABES 0010   ABEB 0012,
PHYS 1100, and
CHEM 1105


The following charts illustrate the pathways students can follow to achieve their goals:

ABE Fundamental Level and Directed Studies English Pathways

 ABE English Pathway (High-School Equivalent)

ABE Math Pathway (High-School Equivalent)

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to Kwantlen's General university admission requirements including the university preparatory-level English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply.


BC Adult Graduation Diploma

The Ministry of Advanced Education and the Ministry of Education award the BC Adult Graduation Diploma, the "Adult Dogwood", through Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Diploma requirements available through Kwantlen are:

English 12 Requirement - one of:
  ABEE 0091 Provincial Level English (English 12) 3 credits
  ABEE 0092 Professional And Technical English 12 3 credits
And Math 11 Requirement:
  ABEM 0011 Advanced Mathematics (Math 11) 3 credits
Plus three electives at the Provincial (Grade 12) level or higher

Note: At least three of the five courses must be completed as an adult.

Any 1100 level Kwantlen course worth 3 credits or more may be used as an elective. Prior Learning Assessment of Grade 12 courses taken at BC Secondary Schools may be used to meet any of the requirements for the "Adult Dogwood".

For more information, see the BC Ministry of Education site www.bced.gov.bc.ca/graduation/adult_graduation)

Advanced Certificate of Completion (Grade 11)

All of:
  ABEE 0081 Advanced English (Grade 11 equivalent) 3 credits
  ABEM 0011 Advanced Mathematics (Math 11) 3 credits
Options: Any two of the following:
  ABEB 0011 Advanced Science (Biology 11) 4 credits
  ABEB 0012 Provincial Science (Biology 12) 4 credits
  ABEP 0011 Introduction to Physics (Physics 11) 4 credits
  A language at the grade 11 level or higher

Intermediate Certificate of Completion (Grade 10)

All of:
  ABEE 0070 Intermediate English (English 10) 3 credits
  ABEM 0010 Intermediate Mathematics (Math 10) 3 credits
  ABES 0010 Intermediate Science (Science 10) 3 credits
Plus an intermediate level (grade 10 or higher) socials course.

Fundamental Certificate of Completion

One of:
  ABEW 0064 Basic Writing Skills 2 3 credits
  ABER 0065 Basic Reading Skills 2 3 credits
All of:
  ABEM 0008 Fundamental Mathematics no credits

Other Information


ABE courses are tuition free. Some sponsorships are available from Human Resources Development Canada. In addition, students may apply to the ABE Student Assistance Program (ABESAP) for funds to help cover some general expenses.


Upon successful completion of the BC Adult Graduation option, students are eligible to receive a BC Adult Graduation Diploma.

Upon successful completion of the Adult Basic Education option, students are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion in Adult Basic Education.

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