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Career Choices and Life Success: Citation


The Career Choices and Life Success program is designed to assist students researching career and life options. Students gain self-knowledge through the use of career assessments and labour market knowledge by meeting prospective employers. This 16-week program highlights career search communication skills: writing resumes, creating career portfolios, job interviews and computer skills (MS Office). The program also focuses on decision making and creating a plan of action. Students leave the program with defined life/career goals and a plan for success.

Student Profile

Students must be mature, motivated to learn and open to new ideas.

Career Opportunities

These are exploratory programs aimed at assisting students in identifying and researching realistic career goals and helping them in developing a plan of action to achieve short and long term employment and/or educational goals.

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to KPU's General university admission requirements including the university preparatory-level English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply.

Program Requirements

The following courses are required for completion of the program.  For a detailed schedule of instruction, consult the program home page: kpu.ca/aca/ccls

All of:
  CCLS 0800 Self Knowledge: Basis for Success 2 credits
  CCLS 0810 Communication Skills 3 credits
  CCLS 0820 Personal Management and Problem Solving 1 credit
  CCLS 0900 Career Assessment and Research 3 credits
  CCLS 0915 Career and Education Experience 6 credits
  CCLS 0920 Career and Life Planning 1 credit

Other Information

The Career Choices and Life Success Program is tuition free for domestic students. Although international students are welcome to participate, regular international tuition fees apply.

For more information, contact:

Langley Campus,
Elly Morgan

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Citation in Career Choices and Life Success.

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