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Fashion Marketing: Diploma


The Fashion Marketing Diploma program integrates studies in fashion, communications, business and marketing.  The program includes academic courses, hands-on activities and work experiences. Students develop skills necessary for dynamic careers and participate in various fashion events to create broad industry networks.

Program outcomes include collecting, analyzing and interpreting data on economic and fashion trends, consumer buying habits, demographics, and emergent tastes and preferences.  Applicants to the program want to learn about and work in the fashion industries.  They have some experience and knowledge about fashion and wish to develop their marketing and management skills for success in leadership positions.

Successful candidates acquire and develop extensive research, thinking, communication, and technical skills necessary for academic and career development.  Our students are immersed in emerging trends for local and international markets and incorporate social responsibility and sustainability into functional business practices.  Students take on leadership roles and share their skills and insights through opportunities in the community.

The Fashion Marketing Diploma is a competitive program that accepts up to 30 new students each year.  Applicants can apply directly from high school or transfer from other post-secondary institutions.  Mature students pursuing a career change or fashion industry professionals upgrading their skills for career development are also encouraged to apply.

Fashion Marketing Diploma program graduates may apply to the third year of one of KPU Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) programs.  Students interested in a BBA program should contact an academic advisor (ideally one from the School of Business) to plan their schedule and determine appropriate electives.  Information regarding KPU BBA programs can be found here:  http://www.kpu.ca/business/programs

Career Opportunities

Our graduates develop skills necessary for employment in the creative business services sector.  Career opportunities are extensive and include: Buying, Merchandising, Branding, Forecasting, Styling and Consulting, Visual Merchandising, Communications, Special Events Coordination, Retail Sales and Management. Graduates can work for apparel companies, retailers, distributors and marketers.  Some graduates choose to work freelance or run their own organizations.

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to KPU's General university admission requirements, including the undergraduate-level English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply:

Admission decisions to this program are based on interim grades therefore proof of grades must be submitted in accordance with the following deadlines:

Any applicant who has not submitted proof of grades by the specified dates will be removed from the list of eligible applicants.

Letter of Interest

The letter of interest should be type-written (3-5 pages, single spaced, 12 pt. font) and must include:

Your letter of interest must be accompanied by:

Note: Applicants who have completed FASN 1115 (The Apparel Industry), may be exempt from the letter of interest requirements.

Program Requirements

The Diploma program requires a minimum of 60 credits of post-secondary courses.

To continue each semester as a Fashion Marketing Diploma student and maintain priority registration status, students are required to take all of the Fashion Marketing (FMRK) courses in sequence as listed in the "Course Requirements" section.

Course Requirements

Semester 1 (Fall)

All of:
  FMRK 1105 Computers for Fashion Marketing* 3 credits
  FMRK 1115 The Apparel Industry 2.5 credits
  FMRK 1150 Fashion Retail Work Experience 2 credits
  MRKT 1199 Introduction to Marketing* 3 credits
One of:
  BUSI 1110 Fundamentals of Business in Canada 3 credits
  BUSI 1210 Essentials of Management* 3 credits
  BUSI 1215 Organizational Behaviour* 3 credits
And one elective (see below).

Semester 2 (Spring)

All of:
  FMRK 1205 Visual Communications for Fashion Marketing 3 credits
  FMRK 1215 Textile Science 3 credits
  FMRK 1250 Fashion & Consumer 3 credits
  MRKT 1299 Consumer Behaviour* 3 credits
One of:
  ACCT 1110 Introductory Financial Accounting I* 3 credits
  BUQU 1130 Business Mathematics 3 credits

Semester 3 (Fall)

All of:
  FMRK 2105 Visual Fashion Merchandising & Promotion 3 credits
  FMRK 2115 Fashion Forecasting 3 credits
  FMRK 2120 Fashion Writing 3 credits
And two electives (see below).

Semester 4 (Spring)

All of:
  FMRK 2205 Fashion Buying 3 credits
  FMRK 2215 Fashion Events and Promotions 3 credits
  FMRK 2240 Fashion Marketing Work Experience 1.5 credits
And two electives (see below)


Electives may be taken at any time based on availability and having met prerequisites where applicable.

Four of the five electives required (3-credit each for a total of 15 credits) must be selected from the following list.

One of the five electives required (3-credits) may be selected from any program or area of study including courses from the list below:

Any of:
  ACCT 1210* Introductory Financial Accounting II 3 credits
  ACCT 1230 ‡ or
BUQU 1230 ‡
Business Statistics 3 credits
  BUSI 2390 Business Law 3 credits
  CBSY 1105 ‡ Introductory Computer Applications (if taken prior to fall 2010) 3 credits
  ECON 1150 ‡ Principles of Microeconomics 3 credits
  ENGL 1100 ‡ Introduction to University Writing 3 credits
  MRKT 1220 Dynamic Selling 3 credits
  MRKT 2111 Marketing Online 3 credits
  MRKT 2321 Retail Management 3 credits
  MRKT 2333 Marketing Management I 3 credits
  MRKT 2340 Marketing Research 3 credits
  MRKT 2360 Selling and Sales Management 3 credits
  MRKT 2401 Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications - Advertising 3 credits
  MRKT 2421 Retail Buying and Merchandise Management 3 credits
  MRKT 2430 Marketing Simulation (under development) 3 credits
  MRKT 2444 Marketing Management II 3 credits
  MRKT 2455 International Marketing 3 credits

* For graduation purposes a maximum of 6 credits can be obtained for any combination of ACCT 1110, ACCT 1210 and ACCT 2293 (an accelerated course).
‡ Courses required to ladder into KPU's BBA program, along with the additional bridging requirement: CBSY 2205 - Management Information Systems (if FMRK 1105 not taken).

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Diploma in Fashion Marketing.

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