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Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture

This is a comprehensive program including courses in English and Mandarin language, communication, Ancient Chinese philosophy, and Western biomedical sciences which are necessary for the critical understanding and development of complex Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts. The curriculum has been designed to offer an education of significant breadth and rigour within the contexts of TCM/Acupuncture fundamental theory, diagnosis, treatment, and clinical practice. The program includes 460 hours of practice. Through these experiential learning activities, students will actively engage with the community.

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Student Profile

Graduates will have the requisite TCM core foundation, acupuncture competencies, critical thinking and communication skills needed to be safe, competent healthcare practitioners in an evolving health services landscape. Critical conceptual and practice skills will be developed and refined using a blend of theory, applied practice simulation and clinical experience. Students will be eligible to write the national registration exams for acupuncture practitioner in Canada. The proposed program prepares graduates to be contributing members of the TCM profession and community. With acupuncture practice management transition, acupuncture practice jurisprudence and practice study, the program will also prepare graduates to successfully create and operate their own practice facility.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will be prepared to work as acupuncture practitioners or entrepreneurs in the complementary/alternative health industry.

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2017

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