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This is an ARCHIVED version of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Calendar for 2008-2009 (SPRING) and is provided for historical reference only. See the current version of the Calendar for updated information.

Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design


The Interior Design Program provides four years of full-time study (September – April), to students wishing to pursue a professional career related to built environments.

The Program is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (formerly FIDER – the Foundation for Interior Design Education Research) at the first professional degree level. The Council for Interior Design Accreditation is an international agency whose mission is to "lead the interior design profession to excellence by setting standards and accrediting academic programs."

The program works closely with the professional design community and responds to the needs and advice of that community through the following aims:

  • Provide an education that includes all facets of interior design with emphasis on experience and skills in theory, research, critical analysis, problem-solving, design concepts, working drawings and specifications, technology, presentation media techniques, professional business practices and procedures, and awareness of human needs in built environments
  • Prepare students for work in interior design and/or architectural offices
  • Provide a practical and theoretical knowledge base that conforms to the definition and practice of interior design as described by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and as endorsed in the North American definition of an Interior Designer
  • Provide design education, using specific reference to interior design, which will allow students to develop career readiness for an interdisciplinary design environment

The mission of the program is "educating leaders for the profession of interior design". For more information you may view our department web site at: www.kwantlen.ca/design/interior_design.

Definition of Interior Design

Our program supports the definition of interior design established by official interior design accrediting bodies http://www.ncidq.org/who/definition.htm.


Applicants must have one of the following:

  • English 12 with a minimum B or
  • C or higher in any one of the following: ENGQ 1099 or ENGL 1099 or ABEE 0091 or ENGP 1091 or ABEE 0097 or ENGP 1097 or ABEE 0092
  • B or higher in ELST 0381 and ELST 0383
  • Kwantlen English Placement Test, with a recommendation to ENGL 1100
  • LPI with an essay score of 30 or higher
  • C or higher in ENGL 1100 or equivalent English course completed and transferred from another post secondary institution

Applicants currently in high school must submit interim grades by March 31, with final grades required as soon as they become available.

All other applicants must submit interim grades by March 31 and meet the English Entrance requirements prior to April 30.

If you are completing this requirement through attendance in a Kwantlen course, we will access your final grade before the April 30 deadline.

If you are attending another post-secondary institution, you must submit a final official transcript and a Request for Transfer Credit form before April 30. Any applicant who has not submitted proof of the English requirement by May 15 will be removed from the list of eligible applicants.

Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible starting November 1.

Applicants should visit www.kwantlen.ca or www.kwantlen.ca/design/interior_design/admission for detailed information about Interior Design. The information on these websites will assist applicants in their preparation.

Interview and Portfolio Review

Faculty interviewers will review the eligibility of candidates based on the contents of the portfolio and results of the interview (including prior learning assessments) at the conclusion of all interviews. Applicants who are not admitted into the program for September may still take the liberal education courses required by the program (e.g. ENGL 1100).

Applicants must ensure Enrolment and Registrar Services has their current address. It is the candidate’s responsibility to contact Enrolment and Registrar Services if mailed communications are not received.


The program is currently under review. The Interior Design Department regularly upgrades its program to meet the ever changing needs of the industry.

The interior design program simulates a professional design environment. This "virtual design studio" offers integrated courses and curriculum, and emphasizes learning outcomes and employability skills throughout. These include: leadership skills, problem solving and creative thinking skills, teamwork, personal management, writing/oral/visual and interpersonal skills, reading and research skills, visual literacy, mathematical and technological skills, citizenship, and an ability to view issues through a global perspective.

The interior design curriculum is organized into streams http://www.kwantlen.ca/design/interior_design/courses, which are integrated within each year and over the four years of the program. Although the program is comprised of individual courses, the effect is more aptly described as a studio project, supported and surrounded by the necessary theory, practical experience and skills development.

Successful applicants may take their liberal education and non discipline specific courses prior to entering the program and/or during the summer months in order to lighten their workload during the term. Courses such as ENGL 1100, MRKT 1199 and others are usually offered during the summer semester.

Industry personnel may contact the Program Coordinator to access individual courses of interest without applying for the complete program. Access is determined by permission of the Coordinator and an availability of space.

Liberal Education

For information about the liberal education component of the program; and a list of approved Liberal Education Electives, visit the Liberal Education page: www.kwantlen.ca/design/interior_design/courses/liberal_ed

Full Course Listing


Advancement from one year to a subsequent year of this program is dependent on passing grades in all courses of that year (passing grade for all Studio courses, including the final semester, is 68% or B-).

Additional Information

The third year of the program includes a Major Site Tutorial (IDSN 3690) www.kwantlen.ca/design/interior_design/courses/site_tutorials as part of curriculum requirements, the cost of which is borne by the student. www.kwantlen.ca/design/interior_design/fees

The Interior Design program is delivered in an e-mobile environment which includes laptops, computers, software, and support. Students need to include "fee for service" costs of the laptop and requisite course software for the duration of the 4 year degree program (approximately $1,200 each year). Students are advised not to purchase a laptop computer as all required equipment, software and services will be supplied by Kwantlen on the "fee for service" basis www.kwantlen.ca/design/interior_design/fees.

Interior Design information sessions are scheduled once in the Fall and once Spring semesters to answer questions from prospective students and to allow applicants to review portfolios of current students. These sessions have been of great benefit to those people interested in entering the program. Please visit www.kwantlen.ca/events to confirm dates, times and location.


Upon successful completion of this program, students are awarded a Bachelor of Applied Design in Interior Design. This Bachelor degree, followed by two cumulative years of work experience in the profession, qualifies graduates to write the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) examination. This in turn, allows professional membership in the Interior Designers’ Institute of British Columbia (IDIBC), the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC), and International Interior Design Association (IIDA).