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Foundations in Design: Certificate


The Foundations in Design (FIND) program offers students the opportunity to develop the fundamental knowledge, insights and skills common to the field of design and its diverse disciplines and to explore and assess educational and career options.

The FIND program celebrates diversity of thought, philosophy, values and learning styles with a curriculum emphasizing personal development, creative problem solving and critical and contextual thinking.

Based on the four cornerstones of exploration, self-diagnosis, transition and fundamental skill development, some goals of the FIND program include:

Design professionals may contact the Program Coordinator to access individual courses of interest without applying for the complete program. Access is determined by permission of the Coordinator and an availability of space.  Please refer to timetables as course offerings may change year to year.

Student Profile

The FIND program offers a comprehensive introduction to design studies and practice that is particularly appropriate for:

Graduates of secondary school

Students interested in a career in the field of design but who have not yet determined which discipline would suit them best. Students who have decided on a specific career path but need to expand their foundational skills and improve their portfolio as a means of gaining access to further design studies.

Current post-secondary students

Students in other design or related programs such as Marketing, Business, Public Relations, Journalism, Advertising, Fine Arts, Social Sciences/Humanities wishing to complement their discipline specific knowledge and skills with Foundations in Design learning outcomes (which include creative problem solving skills, critical and contextual thinking skills, conceptualization and visualization skills and team skills). Some FIND courses are designated general education or breadth courses.

Graduates of post-secondary programs

Recent graduates from any discipline seeking to complement their discipline specific studies with the fundamental design skills mentioned above and supported in an interdisciplinary learning environment, stressing integration, collaboration and synthesis.

Mature students

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to Kwantlen's General university admission requirements, including the undergraduate-level English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply:

Portfolio Review

Portfolios should reflect creative interests. Applicants must also include a written statement that reflects interests in design as well as personal, educational and career goals.

The following are suggestions for inclusion in the portfolio but are intended only as a guide. There is no minimum or maximum number of projects to include.

Portfolios will be accepted in digital or physical formats.

Program Requirements

Students are required to complete a total of 30 credits (27 credits of core Foundations in Design courses and 3 credits of specified electives):

Core courses - all of:
  FIND 1100 Design Processes, Methods and Materials 3 credits
  FIND 1110 Drawing for Design 3 credits
  FIND 1120 Design History l† 3 credits
  FIND 1130 Design Explorations† 3 credits
  FIND 1140 Colour Theories† 3 credits
  FIND 1150 Designing for Humanity† 3 credits
  FIND 1160 Communication through Visual Language 3 credits
  FIND 1200 Two Dimensional Design 3 credits
  FIND 1210 Three Dimensional Design 3 credits
Electives* - one of:
  FIND 1220 Interdisciplinary Design History II† 3 credits
  FIND 1230 Drafting for Design* 3 credits

* Not all elective options will be offered every year.
† University designated breadth courses.

Other Information

Additional Information

Returning Foundations in Design students and students who successfully qualify for a seat in Foundations in Design register early. Registering on your date and time (as per your instructions from the Office of Admissions) is extremely important as some seats may be made available to students from other Kwantlen programs taking designated Foundations in Design breadth courses.


In addition to tuition, students should be prepared to spend approximately $500.00 to $800.00 for project materials and photocopying during the program.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Certificate of Foundations in Design.

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