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Bachelor of Interior Design Liberal Education Electives

The following are the Bachelor of Interior Design Liberal Education electives for the Bachelor of Interior Design.

(This list was provided by the Kwantlen Records (graduation) department, 04-Oct-2011)

Active Courses

Accounting (ACCT)
  Any Kwantlen ACCT course
Anthropology (ANTH)
  Any Kwantlen ANTH course
Applied Communications (CMNS)
  Any Kwantlen CMNS course
Asian Studies (ASIA)
  Any Kwantlen ASIA course
Astronomy (ASTR)
  Any Kwantlen ASTR course
Biology (BIOL)
  Any Kwantlen BIOL course
  BIOL 1XXX Unassigned - First Year 20 credits
Business (BUSI)
  BUSI 1205 Supervisory Skills 3 credits
  BUSI 1210 Essentials of Management 3 credits
  BUSI 1215 Organizational Behaviour 3 credits
  BUSI 2315 Human Relations in Organizations 3 credits
  BUSI 2340 Personal Management Skills for Success in Business 3 credits
  BUSI 2390 Business Law 3 credits
  BUSI 2425 Enterprise Development and Business Planning 3 credits
  BUSI 2435 Development of Business Plans 3 credits
  BUSI 2450 Business Simulation 3 credits
  BUSI 2455 International Trade 3 credits
  BUSI 2465 Business Negotiations 3 credits
  BUSI 2490 International Business 3 credits
Business & Quantitative Methods (BUQU)
  Any Kwantlen BUQU course
Canadian Studies (CNST)
  Any Kwantlen CNST course
Chemistry (CHEM)
  Any Kwantlen CHEM course
Community & Health Studies (CAHS)
  Any Kwantlen CAHS course
Computer Business Systems (CBSY)
  Any Kwantlen CBSY course
Computer Science (CPSC)
  Any Kwantlen CPSC course
Creative Writing (CRWR)
  Any Kwantlen CRWR course
Criminology (CRIM)
  Any Kwantlen CRIM course
Economics (ECON)
  Any Kwantlen ECON course
Education, Community and Health Specialties (ECHS)
  Any Kwantlen ECHS course
English (ENGL) 
  Any Kwantlen ENGL course numbered 1100 or higher
Entrepreneurial Leadership (ENTR)
  Any Kwantlen ENTR course
Environmental Protection Tech (ENVI)
  Any Kwantlen ENVI course
Fashion & Technology (FASN)
  FASN 2115 History of Costume 2.5 credits
Fine Arts (FINA)
  Any Kwantlen FINA course
French (FREN)
  Any Kwantlen FREN course
Geography (GEOG)
  Any Kwantlen GEOG course
Geology (GEOL)
  Any Kwantlen GEOL course
German (GERM)
  Any Kwantlen GERM course
Gerontology-Based Therapeutic Recreation (GBTR)
  Any Kwantlen GBTR course
Graduate Nurse Qualifying (GNQU)
  Any Kwantlen GNQU course
Graduate Nurse Re-Entry (GNUR)
  Any Kwantlen GNUR course
Graduate Nurse With English As An Additional Language (GNEA)
  Any Kwantlen GNEA course
Health Unit Coordinator (HAUC)
  Any Kwantlen HAUC course
Health Care Assistant (HCAP)
  Any Kwantlen HCAP course
History (HIST)
  Any Kwantlen HIST course
Horticulture (HORT)
  Any Kwantlen HORT course numbered 1100 or higher
Human Resources Management (HRMT)
  Any Kwantlen HRMT course
Human Services Worker (HSWC)
  Any Kwantlen HSWC course
Information Technology (INFO)
  Any Kwantlen INFO course
Japanese (JAPN)
  Any Kwantlen JAPN course
Journalism (JRNL)
  Any Kwantlen JRNL course
Legal Administrative Studies (LGLA)
  Any Kwantlen LGLA course
Liberal Education (LBED)
  Any Kwantlen LBED course
Linguistics (LING)
  Any Kwantlen LING course
Mandarin (MAND)
  Any Kwantlen MAND course
Marketing (MRKT)
  Any Kwantlen MRKT course
Mathematics (MATH)
  Any Kwantlen MATH course
Music (MUSI)
  Any Kwantlen MUSI course
Nursing (NRSG)
  Any Kwantlen NRSG course
Philosophy (PHIL)
  Any Kwantlen PHIL course
Physics (PHYS)
  Any Kwantlen PHYS course
Political Science (POLI)
  Any Kwantlen POLI course
Psychiatric Nursing (PSYN)
  Any Kwantlen PSYN course
Psychology (PSYC)
  Any Kwantlen PSYC course
Public Relations (PRLN)
  Any Kwantlen PRLN course
Punjabi (PUNJ)
  Any Kwantlen PUNJ course
Sociology (SOCI)
  Any Kwantlen SOCI course
Spanish (SPAN)
  Any Kwantlen SPAN course
Women's Studies (WOMN)
  Any Kwantlen WOMN course

Inactive (discontinued) Courses

Economics (ECON)
  ECON 2208 History of Economic Thought 3 credits
  ECON 2211 Economic History of Canada 3 credits
  ECON 2450 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 credits
Liberal Education (LBED)
  LBED 3130 Critical Thinking, Logic & Sci 3 credits
  LBED 3140 Sci & Tech- Hist.&Phil. 3 credits
  LBED 4210 Ethics and Social Issues 3 credits
  LBED 4900 Community Involve & Contributi 3 credits
Marketing (MRKT)
  MRKT 2430 Marketing Simulation 3 credits

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