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Community and Health Studies (CAHS)

This is a list of the Community and Health Studies (CAHS) courses available at Kwantlen.

CAHS 2100 CR-3

The Reflective Practitioner

Students will explore their professional practice through the Art and Inquiry Workshop, a creating, integrating, and reflecting inquiry approach. They will examine experiences and issues central to professionalism as a direct support practitioner.

Prerequisites: One full year of work experience in a field related to Community and Health Studies

CAHS 2120 CR-2.5

Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Students will develop an understanding of the nature and characteristics of autism spectrum disorders. They will examine the current research on best practices for supporting students with autism spectrum disorders in a variety of educational settings. Students will explore functional assessment practices, positive behaviour supports, and a wide range of strategies and materials that enhance learning, communication, and social skills.

Prerequisites: ECHS 1125 and ECHS 1135 and (SETA 1101 and SETA 1105 and SETA 1161 and SETA 1120 and SETA 1270) or (CSWC 1135 and CSWC 1250 and HSWC 1160)

CAHS 3100 CR-3

Teaching and Learning in Communities

Students will critically examine and apply a variety of teaching/learning theories, perspectives, and strategies that underlie meaningful interactions with individuals, families, and groups. They will explore the influence of personal meaning, beliefs, and values on teaching/learning processes. Students will participate in teaching/learning experiences with diverse communities using a community development model.

Prerequisites: a minimum of 45 credits and ENGL 1100 or ENGL 1110 or equivalent

CAHS 3105 CR-3

Healing Arts I

Students will examine the philosophy of healing, and the ways in which creativity, spirituality, and beauty contribute to holistic health. They will examine theories and models related to multicultural healing practices. Students will evaluate selected complementary and alternative therapies to gain practical insights about personal healing in this assisted online course.

Prerequisites: 60 credits of 1100-level or higher courses, including ENGL 1100

CAHS 3200 CR-3

Becoming a Mentor

Students will analyze organizational cultures and their own mentoring needs in an on-line learning environment. They will explore the characteristics, stages, challenges, and rewards of mentoring relationships in order to become effective mentors. Students will develop learning plans specific to work-related transitions such as being a new employee, accepting a new position, and preparing for retirement.

CAHS 3500 CR-4.5

Nursing Concepts and Theories

Students will examine concepts and theories related to current nursing practice. They will apply ethical, feminist, and critical social theories and a phenomenological perspective when exploring self, others, health, and healing. Students will use their own practice experiences to make meaning of conceptual frameworks.

Prerequisites: Licensure as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse

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