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Mathematics Qualifying (MATQ)

This is a list of the Mathematics Qualifying (MATQ) courses available at Kwantlen.

Note: These courses are not at the post-secondary level and therefore are not eligible for Education Tax Credit or Tuition Tax Credit (T2202A).

MATQ 1091 CR-3

Basic Mathematics

Students will briefly review fundamental arithmetic. They will then study the following topics in beginning algebra: introductory statistics, signed numbers, evaluation of expressions, solution of equations and inequalities, and word problems with one variable. They will also learn basic geometry, introductory trigonometry, and measurement with an emphasis on metric conversion.

MATQ 1092 CR-3 (Formerly MATP 1010 )

Introductory Algebra

Students will briefly review fundamental arithmetic and descriptive statistics. They will focus on a study of algebra, word problems, graphs, measurement, geometry and right-triangle trigonometry, with an introduction to logic and sets. Students will upgrade their mathematics skills and understanding in preparation for an applied or academic program.

Prerequisites: Math 10 (C) or Applications or Principles of Mathematics 11 (P) or ABEM 0009 or MATP 1009 or MATQ 1091 or ABEM 0008 or ACP Assessment Test or Mathematics Placement Test

MATQ 1093 CR-3

Intermediate Algebra

Students will study algebraic concepts and methods, making use of them in problem solving. They will study polynomial, exponential, logarithm and trigonometric functions.

Prerequisites: MATQ 1092 or ABEM 0010 or Pre-calculus 12 with a P; or Principles of Mathematics 12 with a P; or Pre-calculus 11 with a C; or Principles of Mathematics 11 with a C; or Applications of Mathematics 12 with a C; or Foundations of Math 11 with a C+; or Mathematics Placement Test

Not Transferable

MATQ 1099 CR-3 (Formerly MATP 1011 )

Qualifying Studies Math

Students planning to enter Bachelors' and other programs will use this as a qualifying course. They will learn algebra, with an emphasis on problem solving. Students will be introduced to functions, systems of equations, polynomials, quadratic functions, inequalities, and radical and rational expressions. They will also be introduced to exponential and logarithmic functions or descriptive statistics or probability.

Prerequisites: Math 10 (B) or Principles of Math 11(P) or Applications of Math 11(C) or ABEM 0010 or MATP 1010 or MATQ 1092 or ACP Assessment or Mathematics Placement Test.

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