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Agriculture (AGRI)

This is a list of the Agriculture courses available at Kwantlen.

AGRI 1150 CR-3

Sustainable Agriculture for the 21st Century

Students will study, through the lens of human enterprise sustainability, the aspects and ramifications of dominant and alternate agri-food system paradigms. They will examine agri-food systems from perspectives, such as environmental stewardship, food self-reliance, ethics, health, and nutrition. Students will compare, contrast, evaluate, and critique key concepts, elements, and outcomes of diverse agri-food system dimensions.

Not Transferable

AGRI 1299 CR-1

Food System Field Analysis

Students will (in this week long, intensive, field based course) visit and observe agri-food system farm processing and distribution enterprises in British Columbia. They will assess the function and operation of these enterprises and identify challenges and opportunities for advancing agri-food system sustainability. Students will explore ways to define, assess, and interpret factors that contribute to agri-food system sustainability. They will learn how factors interact and learn to weigh these factors in holistic agri-food system sustainability assessments, decision making, and planning processes.

Prerequisites: Admission to the Bachelor of Applied Science, Sustainable Agriculture degree.

Not Transferable

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