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Requesting Official Course Outlines

To request transfer credit at other educational institutions for a course taken at Kwantlen, students are often required to provide the other institutions with a copy of the official course outline that was in effect at the time the course was taken at Kwantlen.

Official course outlines are provided as a service to current and previous Kwantlen students.

Making a request:
To request an official Kwantlen course outline, students must send an e-mail to scheduling@kwantlen.cafrom their Kwantlen e-mail account (to verify your identity as a current or former Kwantlen student). In your e-mail, please include the following information to avoid delay in processing your request:

We will endeavour to fill course outline requests within 10 business days.

What if:
Contact Kwantlen's Student Enrolment Services department (www.kwantlen.ca/ses/)

Last Updated: Aug 9, 2012

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