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Education, Community and Health Specialties (ECHS)

This is a list of the Education, Community and Health Specialties (ECHS) courses available at Kwantlen.

ECHS 1112 CR-1

Interpersonal Communications 1

Students will examine basic principles of effective interpersonal communication. They will examine their own style of communicating, Students will demonstrate competency in areas of verbal and nonverbal communication.

ECHS 1114 CR-2

Communications for Caring Professionals

The student will explore self-awareness, increased understanding of others and the development of effective interpersonal communication skills that can be used in a variety of care-giving contexts. They will examine their own communication choices and patterns. Students will have opportunity to develop and use communication techniques that demonstrate personal awareness, respect and active listening skills.

ECHS 1125 CR-1.5

Principles of Observation

Students will explore the concepts and process of observation in their area of practice. They will consider the factors that influence observation, including their own values, beliefs, feelings and preconceptions. Students will focus on observation methods and the recording of observations in different settings. They will examine the ethical implications of observation in their practice.

ECHS 1135 CR-3

Essentials to Person-Centered Practice

Students will examine the principles of person-centered philosophy, collaborative team work and caring. They will consider the significance of community and family in their support to individuals. Students will examine the education, health, social services systems and interdisciplinary teams. They will explore roles and responsibilities and how their values, attitudes, feelings and actions impact their professionalism and their practice.

ECHS 1212 CR-1.5

Interpersonal Communications 2

Students will examine the concepts of power and conflict in interpersonal communications. They will demonstrate effective conflict resolution strategies in a variety of contexts.

Prerequisites: ECHS 1112

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